OTJ second time, but what to do about diet...?

Discussion in 'Honeymooners / OTJ' started by Emmy, Jul 23, 2020.

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    Dec 3, 2016
    Mabel diagnosed 2016. In remission for about a year after finding Levemir and low carb foods, on which she stabilized. Another couple of years on low doses of Levemir, and she has now gone OTJ again.

    She's been off the juice since about Apr this year, so that's a few months. She is 15 yrs 6 mos. It seems to have coincided with my having put her on Cosequin, that's glucosamine, for arthritis.

    Food: Dr. Elsie's Clean Protein chicken dry food but I make sure she gets plenty of water! She's always loved dry food. She also eats lo carb wet foods to which I add water because she has always loved to lap up the watery food. Both my cats get wet food servings x2 a day.

    Throwng up: Mabel used to vomit little bit of saliva-like, size of a quarter, sometimes more often than others. Now that she is eating much less of Dr. Elsey's vomiting liquid decreased. It seems too hard on her digestion.

    I used to give her Orijen Fit n Trim kibbles only as treats, as they're a little above 10% carb. But she now prefers the Orijen Fit n Trim as her dry food of choice. I give it in limited feedings and she's not throwing up as long as she doesn't eat much Elsey's Clean Protein chicken dry food.

    My other cat, 11, eats mainly wet food, likes Orijen, never ate Elsey's at all. They both like Orijen Cat & Kitten but that is too much above 10% carb to feed to Mabel. For wet food I feed Friskie's pates, or Fancy Feast naturals of Fancy Feast classic pate. I try to find other lo carb canned foods too for variety.

    I am looking for ideas for low carb wet and dry foods. I've just read on another thread people have quit Fancy Feast pates. I can hardly believe Mabel's OTJ again. It seems to have coincided with taking glucosamine. On her best days she seems kitten-like. Other days I see her aging. Any ideas, feedback?
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    Nov 16, 2020
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    Jun 25, 2018
    YMMV. We're Young Again Zero Mature Health fans with our two kitties (one "normal," and one OTJ for over two years). It's a free-feed only food, and it's near zero on the carbs.

    We supplement with 1 x 3 oz. can of Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Turkey & Duck Pate (or Chicken & Chicken Liver) Wet Cat Food, split into 2 feedings in AM/PM, which seems to help our ex-diabetes cat keep his weight stable.

    No other treats other than human-grade chicken/beef if we're eating it. Ha-ha. We found that the freeze-dried shrimp/chicken treats caused stomach upset.


    I failed to mention I add water to the canned food, and we have a Cat-It cat fountain that only gets distilled water. Both cats like the fountain. ;)

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