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    Dec 3, 2016
    Mabel is 16 now, otj since Mar 2020, for the second time in 5 yrs since diagnosed diabetic. I was feeding Dr Elsey's Clean Protein Chicken (dry), but I finally figured out it was hard for her to digest, and she is doing better on Farmina N & D digestion lamb (dry) which while it is between 10 and 20 carbs it is at least low glycemic. To make sure she stays hydrated I feed canned pates with extra water twice a day: Friskies pates, occasionally Fancy Feast, sometimes a better limited ingredient canned food for variety. She rarely has vomiting episodes anymore. The dry N & D lamb formula easier to digest. She also has not gone back on insulin since the food change. Trouble is my other cat, Ady, 11, picky eater, lately may have developed an allergy to something in food. She's over grooming, has lost fur in places. We have been to the vet. I'm taking conservative measures before all the testing the vet suggested--by conservative measures I mean transitioning foods, giving her homeopathic skin itch tincture in food, and trying to treat her for stress, anxiety, or boredom best as I can. Ady is not diabetic. Mabel is but is in remission for second time. Now, for Ady, I need to try different foods, dry and wet, that stay in the carb range Mabel can have, while veering away from chicken. The vet also said cats are sometimes allergic to fish. I'd fed Ady fish before but I've stopped it now. Any ideas for foods that are meeting the needs of multiple cats, diabetic and non, both dry and wet foods?
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    You might want to take the GA off your subject line - it means kitty has Gone Ahead or become a Guardian Angel.

    I had a non diabetic with my diabetic. Both ate low carb raw or wet food. If your other kitty has food allergies, try some of the products that have other proteins, like lamb, rabbit, venison, duck. I would avoid fish, chicken and perhaps beef - also a common allergen. If you absolutely must feed dry (though I don't know why) try some of the freeze dried raw or air dried (Ziwipeak) products for some crunch. Bonus, they come in novel proteins.

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