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    Dec 28, 2009
    This was first posted on Health by our Web Master/Moderator, Robert and Echo.

    Sometime between Thursday and Saturday, we plan to move the FDMB to a new company that will host our files. This is for several reasons -- mostly service! I wish it would be because it was cheaper, but it's the opposite, actually!

    However, this will be very good. We'll be updated to HTTPS:// (secure website) and faster, and more space for files.

    To do this, we will have some amount of "down time". This means that THIS site ( will be down for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

    As a backup, I've set up a full copy of this site here:

    This will be the official backup site for the FDMB during this downtime, just in case it takes a little longer to move everything.

    You can currently log in and post on the backup. It will be available during the move and then it will be deleted once the move is done.

    There will be notices posted again telling people that the backup is available. PLEASE check the backup site when this starts just in case someone is having a critical issue!

    I don't like moving servers due to the disruption. This is long overdue, and will be a great improvement. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    As always, we appreciate your support -- and if you can, consider supporting the FDMB!

    Thanks --
    Robert and Echo
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    I have it bookmarked.
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