Prozinc dosing advice for Galaxy please

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    Apr 26, 2019
    Hi again,
    - I copied this in from our old thread (Galaxy's thread) hoping for advice :nailbiting: -

    we're exactly where we were when we started, if not worse off. I have so much anger and frustration and worry in me, and the vet is not getting back to me. I am concerned about my mental health as well, but mostly about Puss of course. I consistently stayed on the same dose for five days, only to see a sharp increase in BG at the end of day 5 so I raised (plz see SS). I raised a whole unit (from 4 to 5) as per vet's instructions at the last check-up (Fri 31/05/19), he says to raise by increments of 1 whole unit. Now where Galaxy's lowest numbers should be, I am seeing an increase even there. Where the f*** is this all going? and I still haven't had the IGF-1 test, or the pancreatitis, this is what I am waiting for the vet to give me word on. I can only call and leave a message with the receptionist as he is constantly busy and/or in consultation.

    So, when do you guys think I should raise again? my feeling is, if I wait 5 days again, we'll be back in even higher numbers again. It looks like the cat first develops a tolerance, and then when his system or pancreas (what remains of it) sussed it all out (aHA, you nasty little insulin bodies, gotcha!), he starts resisting and working against the insulin even more. So, even if I raise the dose, an already elevated AMPS/PMPS will only go down to a certain level, and never out of the red zone. this is f****** hopeless!!!

    He is otherwise really well i must say, of course pissing and drinking like crazy (less during the day, most overnight and post-prandial), but his coat looks nice and feels silky, not scruffy anymore, and he is alert, and inquisitive, and talks to me and responds to me and pesters me etc... mostly sleeps though, but not in the bathroom anymore which is a change.

    I am thinking of asking for a fast acting insulin to give before i give the prozinc, I read this is sometimes done. or should I wait and see?

    and I still have to wait for those two tests, the IGF-1 and the pancreatitis, dunno how long? :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
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    Aug 16, 2015
    I’m glad he’s feeling good! That’s the most important thing. With Galaxy’s numbers being so high, I’d raise the dose every 3-4 cycles, but only by .25u, not by 1 u. Some cats do develop insulin resistance and you just need to try to outrun it by raising the dose. Acro is also a possibility. My cat had it and got up to 18u/2x day of levemir. He also had some resistance though and when it broke, his dose raced down and settled at 7-9u. The fast acting insulin is an option, but it can be tricky, so talk to your vet and post here so we can get you some help using it if you choose to.
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