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    Jul 31, 2020
    I need some help to figure out how to do the best thing for Pumpkin. I've got to get his numbers down because his neuropathy is really taking a toll on him.
    He is on 13 units of Lantus Am and Pm. Fancy Feast pate. He is starting to show signs of Acro: big paws, huge body. My vet didn't know about cabergoline but was impressed with the info about it. I have it ready to give to Pumpkin in liquid form. I want to start it Saturday 12/12/20 so that I'm here when he takes it in case of a problem. Vet suggested starting with 0.05MG/ML of cabergoline suspension liquid. i need advice on what to expect or watch for. Will his BG numbers drop quickly or over time with cabergoline?

    Wendy & Neko also responded in another thread from me about dosing with Lantus. Please look at the spreadsheet and see what I'm doing wrong. Am I supposed to be changing the amount of units I give him based on BG levels? If so, the vet hasn't told me about that. Am I making his BG numbers jump up high? He has just been so inconsistent with numbers and I've controlled his food intake like a prison warden. I'm assuming the tumor is causing all the crazy numbers. IAA numbers were normal.
    I'm trying to do more BG to get a nadir, but it is hard with my job. I'm staying up way to late to get it. 4-5 hours of sleep is taking its toll on me.

    Any help or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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    Posting to Lantus form as well.
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    Cabergoline effects do not start that fast. It's like it has to build up. The earliest I've seen is around a week and a half for impacts to be seen, some took a couple months. If he has GI upset from that, you'd see it earlier in the first couple days. You might want to look around at spreadsheets of other cats that have been on cabergoline and see what the starting days looked like. Some of the other cabergoline threads will give you some names.

    We determine how to change the Lantus dose based on the nadirs or low points, not so much the preshots. Preshot test are done to make sure it's safe to give insulin. Without having an idea of how low the dose is taking the cat, you shouldn't be increasing based on preshot values. Can you get more daytime tests on a weekend? Maybe a curve? It's not the tumour making crazy numbers. The tumour just means, in Pumpkin's case, that he needs more insulin to get regulated. You might want to read the Dosing Methods Sticky Note in the Lantus/Basaglar/Levemir forum.

    As for night time tests, a before bed test is a good one if it's at least 2-3 hours after the shot. Then if you see a good sized drop to that test, you could set an alarm for later. If there's not much movement (or going up), you can go to sleep without more testing.
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    Jul 31, 2020
    Thanks, I will definitely look at the other spreadsheets and Dosing Sticky Note. one more week and I'll be home for Christmas break, that will make it easier. But I'm going to try and get more readings this week. Is a curve where you get a reading every 2 hrs for a 12 hour time frame? I can do this tomorrow and Sunday. I'll be home all weekend.
    Thank you for your experience and wisdom.
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