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    Dec 29, 2019
    EDIT - THIS IS WAY TO COSTLY . My vet advised it was approx $10k a month for this treatment so I'd be better off doing surgery than this method.
    Has anyone tried/used pasireotide to help with the treatment of acro ? My vet is saying its an injection ? Unsure of what it would cost, but just curious if anyone has used it? I've never heard of it. I've said I'm open to hearing more about it and finding out costs/frequency.

    I know a lot have used and are using cabergoline, do you find it helps at all in any type of way ? What is the drug supposed to do exacly? Suppress the tumor or attempt to minimize it ?

    Is there any dosing references I can forward on to my vet for cabergoline ?

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    The only cats that I know that tried pasireotide (Signafor), did it with the Royal Veterinary Clinic, where the manufacturer supplied the drug for free. It wasn't even technically available in the UK at the time. There are two forms of pasireotide, one is a daily injection which my vet managed to find a quote for $5k every 3 months. The long acting version (monthly injections with better results) had been approved for Canada at that time, but Dr. Sue couldn't find anyone who had it, much less a quote.

    This post has a link to papers, dosing, and some examples from people here who have used cabergoline. The drug seems to reduce the amount of growth hormone output.
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    Dec 29, 2019

    Thank you Wendy!!

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