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  1. Anon for advice

    Anon for advice New Member

    Feb 10, 2020
    Hello. I want to start by saying I am *only looking for information about *rehoming, although I have NOT made a decision on what I am going to do at this point. I have a real account with this site and I am also a part of the Facebook group. So many of you have already helped me learn how to work with my cats diabetes so I want to thank you for that. I have found cheaper supplies, learned a lot about testing and shooting and all the other aspects that go into caring for a sugar baby. I am posting this under an anonymous account to avoid any backlash.

    *****That being said if you are going to post a reply please read my post all the way through, and try to be understanding and kind.

    when I adopted him, I did it with every intention of providing a FOREVER home. I never thought I would be in this position. Even the thought of rehoming my little one is heartbreaking to me, but I need to make sure he is getting the best care he possibly can and If I’m honest with myself, I’m not sure That I can provide that.

    For starters it is starting to take a toll on my own health. I have anxiety issues as it is and at times find it difficult to take care of my own needs let alone to be able to meet someone else’s needs. I was given a cat 10 years ago because of the low maintenance care and because having an animal companion lowered my anxiety. This cat and I are truly bonded and this is an incredibly challenging decision.

    Apart from my own health, I am struggling to keep up financially with this disease. I am young and already living paycheck to paycheck and even with all of the money saving tips I have picked up from you wonderful people I am still struggling to make ends meet (as well as trying to save money for my future). I have read about some financial aid opportunities with different groups so this isn’t the biggest factor, but it does play a role in my decision.

    Another factor, is that during the summer I do a lot of traveling. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will not be doing any short weekend trips this year, but I already have two major trips planned for the upcoming season that I have invested quite a bit of money into, and can not find affordable long term care for him while I am away (the trips are rather long). I have thought about cancelling, but as I said I have already put money (that I spent a long time saving up) into them, and it is to see family across the country who I haven’t seen in ages.

    LONG STORY SHORT: I am looking for SAFE, RELIABLE, QUALITY options for rehoming (again just to consider all of my options) .

    I REFUSE to surrender him anywhere there is even a chance of being put down (he is absolutely NOT at the point to consider euthanasia). I am hoping to find a facility I can volunteer in, OR a foster home which will keep in contact with me. (I am in Minnesota btw). I have asked some friends and family as keeping him as close as possible is the goal, but I have had no luck so far.

    I truly wish I didn’t have to create this post but I feel it is selfish of me to keep my cat if I cannot properly care for him. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  2. Sarah&Soph

    Sarah&Soph Member

    Jun 18, 2019
  3. Deb & Wink

    Deb & Wink Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2013
    Getting a diabetic cat re-homed is very difficult. Not many people are willing to take on that burden and extra expense. Age is another factor against getting your cat adopted by someone else. DCIN has about 100+ diabetic cats available for re-homing on their facebook page. Some of these cats have been waiting for years.

    They will help you post a private re-homing.

    Check for no-kill shelters where you live. Many have a waiting list, and it can take months before they have space available to surrender your cat. Even no-kill shelters end up euthanizing some cats. Simply a fact of life.
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  4. jt and trouble (GA)

    jt and trouble (GA) Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    If you have anxiety issues and you have already bonded with this kitty and you rehome him; I worry about the backlash you will have internally. Seriously one day you may wake up in a panic knowing your kitty is no longer there. I say this from the experience of a friend. She thought she was doing right by her kitty to give him up. She had an incident and she had no support. I understand your situation and feel for you even having to consider such a huge decision. Just maybe keep in mind that support goes both ways.
    I'm not trying to bully you nor dissuade you from any decisions I am looking at this from the perspective of my friend.
    Good luck in whatever you decide. You and kitty will be in my prayers.
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