Remembering China (1 year later)

Discussion in 'Lantus / Basaglar (glargine) and Levemir (detemir)' started by Chris & China (GA), Dec 24, 2019.

  1. Chris & China (GA)

    Chris & China (GA) Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2013
    A year ago today, China passed. Without a warning, without any notice anything was wrong, without time.
    Life goes on, but it took a long time to get used to not looking at the clock every now and then to see where we were in her cycle. It took a long time to stop looking for her as I walked in the door. It's taken time to adjust to a world without her.

    On this special, awful day, I am thinking of her and missing her.

    Hug your kitties today for me. You never know when, in the blink of an eye, they'll be gone.

    A year ago you left me,
    To fly to a special place.
    You left me very quickly,
    With tears running down my face.

    I know you are healthy and happy,
    With friends both old and new.
    But know that on this special, awful day,
    Your mama still thinks of you.

    A year ago you left me,
    To start a new adventure
    Among the clouds and rainbows,
    Your memory I'll always treasure.

    The butterflies are slow there,
    and easy for you to chase,
    But I look forward to the coming day
    When we'll share a long embrace.

    A year ago you left me,
    With tears running down my face
    To join the celestial kingdom,
    surrounded by His Holy Grace.

    Your mama misses you China.
  2. Christie & Maverick

    Christie & Maverick Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2017
    (((Chris))) I have no words, this just bring tears. I'm so very sorry. We miss the lagoon meister too :bighug::bighug::bighug: she was lovely.
  3. JoyBee&Ravan

    JoyBee&Ravan Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2018
    I know how you feel Chris! It's only 6 weeks since Peggy Sue died & I'm crying & missing her every day.
    My heart aches for you & all of us that have lost a Kitty.
  4. Tomlin

    Tomlin Well-Known Member

    May 30, 2019
    So sorry Chris. I will give extra love to my fur babies today in China’s memory :bighug:
  5. MrWorfMen's Mom

    MrWorfMen's Mom Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2015
  6. nslade001

    nslade001 Well-Known Member

    Nov 12, 2018
    :bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug: Thinking of you with love, Nikki
  7. Briere Fur Mom

    Briere Fur Mom Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2019
    Beautiful poem Chris!!:bighug::bighug::bighug: Such a wonderful tribute to your sweet one:bighug::bighug: Many hugs for my boys in remembrance of China!
  8. Red & Rover (GA)

    Red & Rover (GA) Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2016
    I have thought of China often over the last year. Legend Meister. :bighug::bighug::bighug:
  9. J.J. and Phoebe Squeak

    J.J. and Phoebe Squeak Well-Known Member

    Apr 28, 2019
    Thinking of you today. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem. :bighug:
  10. Wendy&Neko

    Wendy&Neko Senior Member Moderator

    Feb 28, 2012
    Hi Chris, December is a hard month for many of us. :bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug: Wish I could say it gets easier.:(
  11. tiffmaxee

    tiffmaxee Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2013
    Hi Chris. I have to ditto what @Wendy&Neko said. I’ve lost two quickly and one slowly. All hurt. Tons of vines and prayers. Lost Max in October and my morning November. Holidays just aren’t the same.

    Merry Christmas. I hope you and your mom are doing well.
  12. Sue and Luci

    Sue and Luci Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2017
    Oh Chris, has it been a year already? I remember that day - we all cried with you. There are few words to express how much that hurts, to lose someone you love so much - who is part of every day - and then the loss you feel when that part of your world just goes away...

    I'm sure everyone on this forum understands that ache... and that place in your heart where you hold China dear forever. Just remember...she's waiting for are all of our GA's...

    So sorry for your loss...

  13. Pamela & Amethyst

    Pamela & Amethyst Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2016
    So sorry Chris. Lots of HUGS:bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug: Happy Holidays:)
  14. Bron and Sheba (GA)

    Bron and Sheba (GA) Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2015
    Dear Chris, I remember that day so well. We had both been online a few hours earlier helping someone and there was no sign of anything amiss with China. And then you posted she had passed. Such a shock.

    She was a beautiful girl and she swam out into the lagoon many times with her water wings on to save Sheba from the sharks.
  15. Beth 73

    Beth 73 Well-Known Member

    Aug 2, 2016
  16. Shoeskitty-GA

    Shoeskitty-GA Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2016
  17. Bellasmom

    Bellasmom Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2018
  18. Sienne and Gabby (GA)

    Sienne and Gabby (GA) Senior Member Moderator

    Dec 28, 2009
    Many of us have said goodbye at this time of year. The holidays are bittersweet.
  19. LizzieInTexas

    LizzieInTexas Well-Known Member

    Jul 25, 2016
  20. manxcat419

    manxcat419 Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2015
    What a beautiful tribute to China. I know how much it hurts to lose one of our special cats, and China was certainly very special. Thinking of you and hoping you can find peace this holiday season. Remember, she will never truly leave you - she will live in your heart until the day you see her again. :bighug::bighug::bighug:
  21. Diane Tyler's Mom

    Diane Tyler's Mom Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2018
    What a beautiful poem Chris, I'm so sorry, such a beautiful girl. Hugging my two boys
    for you, my heart goes out to you, gentle hugs
  22. carfurby

    carfurby Well-Known Member

    Feb 19, 2012
    Sending prayers as you remember your sweet girl. :bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug:
  23. Ti-Mousse

    Ti-Mousse Well-Known Member

    Dec 2, 2018
    What a beautiful poem full of love and sadness... ! So sorry for you Chris ! :bighug::bighug:
  24. Judy and Boomer

    Judy and Boomer Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2014
  25. JoyBee&Ravan

    JoyBee&Ravan Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2018
  26. Sonia & Leo

    Sonia & Leo Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2018
    What a beautiful poem you wrote Chris. :bighug::bighug::bighug:
    I just picked up Leo and gave him a huge hug in China's honor. :bighug:
  27. Chubba (GA)

    Chubba (GA) Well-Known Member

    Apr 30, 2017
  28. JeffJ

    JeffJ Well-Known Member

    Jul 7, 2016
    Such a nice tribute to China. She had a good and long life. Her diabetes was under control. And she was loved. Hugs to you this holiday season.:bighug::bighug::bighug:
  29. Teresa & Buddy

    Teresa & Buddy Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    There never is a good time to let go of those we love.
  30. Amanda and a Loudogg

    Amanda and a Loudogg Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2017
    Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been a year. I imagine it's felt like so much longer for you Chris. I was just thinking about China the other day actually. I always would picture her in that picture you'd use of her swimming out to save someone from the sharks. She was such a fantastic Lagoon Meister. She was so well-loved, by you and by us here on the board. I'll hug my buddy Lou tight tonight in honor of sweet China. And I'm sending hugs and vines your way tonight Chris. Thank you for sharing China with us. Your poem was beautiful and gripped me right in the heart. Take care of you my friend. :bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug:
  31. Teri (Disco NoFurNo)

    Teri (Disco NoFurNo) Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2019
    I have only been on FDMB for a couple of months, so never knew your China, but it is obvious she was loved dearly by you, and fondly remembered by so many here. I hug my Disco and his 2 companions just a little tighter since this journey began as it reminds me how fragile life is and how much we miss their presence when they leave us. May these words comfort you as they have for me...
    Pet Sympathy Poem Clothier.JPG
  32. Marje and Gracie

    Marje and Gracie Senior Member Moderator

    May 30, 2010

    Honoring you and China belatedly but still with a full heart for your sorrow. I wish you peace knowing you that you did all you could for her every single day. It’s hard; it doesn’t get easier. But peace does come. And she’s wearing her pretty dress and Gracie her little pink tutu while they dance around the Rainbow Bridge with all their pals like Tess, Mannie, Neko, Gabby, Alex.......oh the list is way too long. But they are all looking down on us and China, well, she’s right there with you.

  33. Ella & Rusty & Stu(GA)

    Ella & Rusty & Stu(GA) Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2010
    Yo Auntie Chris,
    I just wanted you to know that LagoonMeisterin China is well and happy at the Bridge. We talk about the "old times" frequently and get lots of our GA pals to come and play the old games on the Bridge beach. The Lagoon at the Bridge is jumpin'. I know how much you miss your girl. She sends you a packet of love every day.
    ~ Rusty, LagoonMeister

    Dear Chris, We all miss your beautiful girl. It is hard to believe that it has been a whole year since she earned her wings. I know that you will always feel her love for you. Your poem is a lovely tribute.
  34. marniepaul & miles

    marniepaul & miles Member

    Feb 28, 2011
    I think of China often in passing. She (with you by her side) was a real trailblazer, wasn't she? She endured the pokes and the prods, and you learned from every one and gave that knowledge to everyone here. We are collectively blessed.

    To us, it seems like forever until we see our kitties again, but to them, it will be but an instant until we are reunited. What a party of LOVE it will be!
  35. Mimis mom

    Mimis mom Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2019
    I’m hugging Mimi and Batman extra tight right now.... hugs to you- what a beauty China was cat_wings>o:bighug::rb_icon:
  36. Tanya and Ducia

    Tanya and Ducia Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2017
  37. JoyBee&Ravan

    JoyBee&Ravan Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2018
  38. Snickers and Chrissy

    Snickers and Chrissy Member

    Nov 20, 2019
    So sorry for your loss. China was no doubt a very special kitty. We lost our Co-Coe kitty very unexpectedly, without warning, 6 months ago, so I understand how much it hurts. China is happy and healthy and safe now, and probably still peeking in on you to say hi and "love you" even if you can't always see her.
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