Shadow's OTJ 12 days!!

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    Nov 26, 2021
    Please click the link here for up to date spreadsheet

    First, Shadow has now been 12 days so far without insulin.

    This morning before breakfast 5.3.

    He seems to be a lot more better on his BS all round.

    However I need to ask a question about his pee.

    I regularly check his pee.

    Whilst he is in the all clear for stuff especially no glucose or ketones, his ph level is high at 7.

    I did some research and it says I can administer half a teaspoon daily of apply cider vinegar either in his food
    or water

    I understand the ACV will help with his ph levels, but also be good for urinary tract health.

    I have some organic ACV with the mother already in the cupboard.

    Shall I put it in his water or food, any suggestions!?.

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