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  1. Julie mueller

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    Apr 18, 2019
    So after 2 vet visits in a week I think we know what is going on.

    The first vet visit I had him there because it was after a flare of what I'm thinking is pancreatitis (we've had 3 now) . The vet decided she didnt agree with me and thought it was ear related . ( He does have chronic ear infections but this was a different pain and I could tell ) So the vet recommended doing an ear test . She did it and it came back as- in her words - "very minor infection" . She said " let me flush them and treat them just in case ." I agreed .

    Two days later he couldnt walk without falling over. Was drooling and had a head tilt . Also he wouldn't eat and was hiding all day . I started giving him some zofran because I could tell he was nauseous and called the vet the next day. She told me to bring him in . She told me she suspects a ruptured ear drum or an inner ear infection... my issue with this is that he was fine when I had him there.. has no ear issues at the time . And she put Claro in his ear so why would I get worse ?? She sent me home with a new bottle of an ear cleanser with anti biotics plus steroids. He is no longer drooling or having a head tilt but he is struggling to walk without falling over .

    After all my obsessive research I think she may have caused all of this . And that the Claro was not a good option for him . And also that the reason hes falling over is from vestibular disease due to the ear issues .

    Will these steroid drops cause spikes in his BGL?

    And has anyone else dealt with this before ?
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    Nov 15, 2013
    I’m so sorry to read this. The steroids will likely cause an increase in bg but the insulin can be adjusted as needed and when the ear issue is resolved will return to norma for him. I’ve never had this issue so can’t advise on that. I hope the steroid gets him better quickly.
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    May 24, 2018
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