Snickers 7-3 - PMPS 319 - advice on Frio pouch?

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    Feb 22, 2020
    Our power went out for several hours the other day. It flickered off briefly today. Does anyone have any experience with the Frio pouches? What size would be good to hold 5 Lantus pens?

    Snickers seems to be settling down in the 300s. I had trouble testing him today, I couldn't get enough blood.

    He felt like he had a fever yesterday, I actually did have a fever. We napped a lot, I think he enjoyed it.

    EDIT - Ignore that attached file, I did that by accident somehow. It's just a screen snip I took of his spreadsheet.


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  2. Tina Marie and Jan

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    Jul 24, 2019
    Hi Liz,

    I used a Frio for a few years and loved it! They have a great reputation among a diabetes group I used to belong to.
    I use two types of insulin, and got the duo that held two pens. And thanks for the reminder - I need another!!

    This one holds either 4 or 5 pens (extra measuring may be necessary; I saw one place where it said 5, and another that said 4) There is also an extra large version. Amazon also sells them.

    Frio Large Wallet

    Maybe after you get one, your power won't go out again! Give Snickers some love from us:cat:
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