? still newbie first 48 hours of GB checks- thoughts

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    Dec 20, 2020
    Hey everyone so I'm starting to get the hang of this. not so much the chart in google sheets but in excel, so I'll attach and it has his only 2 sets of labs.

    So I know don't shoot when under 200 on human meter. His vets insist on giving 1U 2x a day...but he is only 191 on alphatrak2 and 161 on relion same drop of blood (h, e bleeds easy so it was a huge drop)

    I didn't give any this morning. he had 1U at 9pm last night so 22 hours ago.

    his numbers on relion have been (in reverse order from this evening backwards):
    161 5pm
    167 7:30 am
    147 12.23 3:54 pm; 118 midnight, 124 at 9pm, 125 at 6pm, 120 at 5pm, 162 a 6:52 am

    so since he hovers at 160 in the morning and evening, should I even worry about any and just keep checking in the morning and evening for a few more days then bring up concerns with the vet again? they really expect me to give the 1u for 2 weeks and go in for the curve check.

    but i'm wondering if I should push that appointment out for another 2 weeks to see how he is post tooth removal, and tell them he hasn't had any or do 2 weeks at .5 or 1


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    Here's your previous post (it helps to have it posted so people can quickly go back and see what's been going on)

    With Vetsulin, we usually suggest if you get a PS under 200 that you stall, DON'T feed and test again in 20-30 minutes to see if the number comes up enough. As you gain more experience, that "stall point" can come down.

    If 1 unit dropped him too low to shoot for the last couple of cycles, I'd suggest dropping back to .5 and see how he does.

    Hopefully you'll get our spreadsheet going soon! The color coding ours has makes it a lot easier to see patterns we look for.
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