Info Suggestions regarding caring for your cat & coronavirus

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    Dec 28, 2009
    During this time of uncertain health risks and especially since FDMB is a worldwide community, we want to make sure you and your kitties are safe. As you have heard us state repeatedly, safety is our priority.

    Please do not panic in the face of a pandemic. Panic doesn’t help. Rational precaution and preparation is helpful. In light of thinking through what you and your furry family may need, please consider the following. You may want to stock up (and not stockpile):
    • Insulin, lancets, syringes, and strips
    • Food at various carb levels (low, medium, and high)
    • Corn syrup (Karo, etc.) or the equivalent
    • Treats
    • Litter
    • If your cat has prescription medication other than insulin, make sure you have refills or copies of the prescription and/or extra medication on hand
    • If you feed your kitty a raw diet, make sure you have access to your preferred proteins and you may want to stock up and freeze a back-up supply. Likewise, make sure you have enough of the supplements or pre-mix to make the food.
    • Ketostix
    • Subcutaneous fluids along with lines and harpoons
    • Miscellaneous supplies (e.g., cotton balls, pain ointment)
    Please consider that many of the above items can be delivered if you have to quarantine or are concerned about going out to shop. Amazon (mostly) provides a worldwide service. In the US, Chewy’s delivers most of the items above. EBay may be a resource for some items and ADW is also a resource for diabetic supplies. Many brick and mortar stores, both retail (e.g., Walmart) and grocery stores, also provide delivery services.

    -- From your friendly, neighborhood moderators.

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