Sunday 10/18 Luci AMPS 218 Day 47 *Pics

Discussion in 'Tresiba (degludec)' started by Sue and Luci, Oct 18, 2020.

  1. Sue and Luci

    Sue and Luci Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2017
    Groundhog day?

    Good Morning everyone! Luci was exactly the same AMPS yesterday! Hence, the comment about groundhog day...I had to look twice...

    This girl is getting a rhythm...I sure wish she'd get the info about the long lasting effects of Tresiba. Oh wait, I forget, she doesn't know how to read!

    Well, I'll talk about it and perhaps - as with all things kitty related - that telepathic thing they have will pick up and she'll get the message that way...

    I'm still waiting for that 42 hour Tresiba depot to appear but apparently Luci still has other ideas about how this is supposed to work...and it on some other avenue of approach...

    Although she did have a lovely day in the lagoon yesterday, I'm still waiting to get off the 12/12 train and see if we could skip or wait...something like that!

    Sending prayers and wellness vines to our lovely @Butters & Lyla this morning! Always hoping for good news there! Get well little're home with mama now!

    Ya'll have a good day! We'll try not to freeze in this 50ish degree weather today and rain...ugh...time to pack! Hoping your kitties surf safely!

    Here's Luci playin through the back of the barstool yesterday afternoon! She was having a fine time hoping for a finger to bite off!!

    LuciBarstool1.jpg LuciBarstool2.jpg
  2. JaxBenji

    JaxBenji Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2020
    Those are just some short, baby lemon trees. Back to swimming in that nice green lagoon, Luci :D Stay warm, Sue - it's 46 here...that's pretty cold for us...cozied up in my bathrobe with coffee.
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  3. Cheryl & Jazzy

    Cheryl & Jazzy Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2020
    That was a nice PMPS last night, Luci. :D

    Sue, you need to print off the information about Tresiba, put it on the table and start reading it. Luci, being a cat, will then lay down on the paper, wait for some lovin' and will begin to absorb all that good info and instructions through her belly. It's gotta work. That's why cats are so smart :) Sound like a plan, Luci?

    Have a great day, Sue :)
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  4. Butters & Lyla

    Butters & Lyla Well-Known Member

    May 30, 2020
    Thanks Sue:bighug:
    I wish Luci would get the message about the 24 hour depot! Maybe we can will it to happen.
    Such cute pics! I can see the mischief in her eyes.
    Have a great day!
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  5. Diane Tyler's Mom

    Diane Tyler's Mom Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2018
    Morning Sue, Luci had some nice greens there, cine in Luci I want to see them again.
    Sue since she was playing behind the barstool maybe she wanted a catini lol.
    Have a good day :bighug::cat:
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  6. JoyBee&Ravan

    JoyBee&Ravan Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2018
    She does kinda have that "Look" in her eyes! :p

    (Pretty chairs! )

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  7. thebigfuzz

    thebigfuzz Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2012
    Awww Luci! Having so much fun playing with mama!
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