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    May 25, 2022
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    Hello :)
    Finally my vet agreed to switch Misso to Prozinc.
    In fact, Misso did quite well with Caninsulin. Nevertheless, I wanted to change the insuline due to short duration of Caninsulin (max 8 hours in Miso's case).

    I started Prozinc with 2.5 UI two days ago. Her previous dosing was 3 UI with Caninsulin.
    My vet told me to give her only one shot per day for a reason why a duration of Prozinc can be too much long.
    But I'm giving two shots per day because her preshot is still high.

    And now it seems me that Misso's BG and duration with Prozinc are not better than Caninsulin. Moreover, her clinical sign is coming back...
    It's because she is getting use to the new insuline ?
    If so, how long should I continue the same dose to see the real BG ?
    And how can I know when I have to adjust the dose ?

    Could you give me some advice about that ?

    ***Here is Misso's spreadsheet.***

    Thanks in advance :cat:
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    May 27, 2020
    With her numbers I probably would have kept the 3U instead of reducing to 2.5U, but no harm.

    It will probably take her a week or two to get used to the ProZinc. When the dose is too low, duration is usually also shortened.

    Give the 2.5U another 2-3 days, then consider increasing to 2.75U.

    The clinical signs tend to come back when they spend too much time above renal threshold, which is usually somewhere in the 200-300 range.
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  3. Jo&Misso

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    May 25, 2022
    Thanks for reply Melissa:)
    Ok, I'll give the same dose until this weekend, then increase to 2.75U if her BG doesn't go down.
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