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    May 27, 2019
    After our emergency vet appointment we were switched from vensulin to province. So our journey continues! Yesterday was not a good day for me or my sugar baby. I stubbed my toe and may have fractured it and Mango was going into Ketones overload. He didn't eat as much breakfast nor dinner last night. Then he just showed me he didn't feel well because normally he wants to go outside for awhile after dinner. Did the test strip and sure enough high. He eats dinner at 5 and at 10 I told my husband we might be driving the hour or so to the Emergency vet clinic. I called them and after relying my information was told to keep him eating watch him and get to a vet first thing in the morning. I was up and down with him all night "watching" him and offering food. At the 10 pm BG test first time Mango growled at me and again this am. Not normal behavior from my boy. We ended up at a different vet and he blood and urine tested and did a Serum fructosamine test which came back pretty good within range. He tested high for ketones and high for protein. Doesn't know the why of the high protein and it could be Pancreatitis except he is eating. So... he gave Mango a antibiotic shot, hydrated him to force him to pee more to flush the ketones out, a pill to keep him hungry and the Prozinc. Vet was impressed with the spreadsheet and because of it saw Vetsulin isn't lasting long enough for him. I was impressed with this vet and will continue to see him. I will be testing often until Monday to see where we are at. Feel confident that we will see lower numbers. I don't have any questions yet but when I do I know you are all here for us. Have a great Saturday evening and Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there. Marianne and Mango

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