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  1. Marje and Gracie

    Marje and Gracie Senior Member Moderator

    May 30, 2010
    We all accept that we are rather numbers-driven in Lantus Land. But our kitties are not just their BG numbers.

    Most of us do a daily condo and your kitty's Whole Cat Report (WCR) is the best way to start the condo. It's not only important for suggestion givers to know more about your kitty than just the BG but also to be able to quickly and readily access that information without having to read between the lines. Subtle changes in kitty behavior may provide insight to issues that develop later and are often useful in determining whether to make dose changes. Changes in BG might be attributable to stresses, pain, change in routine, etc.

    What are important things that would be helpful to be at the beginning of your condo?

    • The link to the previous condo whether it be the day before, the week before, or the month before. If you are a new member and don't know how to link your previous condo, please ask. This allows suggestion givers to quickly go back several days to read how kitty has been doing as well as any previous suggestions given.
    • A few sentences on how kitty is feeling and acting aside from his/her BG. This does not need to be long or a boring, clinical report. We frequently refer to the "5Ps" (playing, preening, purring, pooing, and peeing). While it's not necessary to give a 5P rundown every day, if one is obviously missing, we should know.
      Examples of WCRs are: Tess is a member of the CPC (clean plate club) and jumped up in Ann's lap for her morning brushing, Zener went outside for a poo and then did his HCD (happy crap dash) back into the house, Gabby and Gizmo played in their cubes and ended their session with Gabby hissing at Giz, Champ laid all day on his back in Patty's office, JD happily took his evening stroll with Dyana and Ginger, Rupert is BEBT (bright-eyed, bushy tailed). All of the above tells us these kitties are eating well, using the LB, playing, and doing their normal activities.
    • If kitty is in high numbers, are you checking ketones? Did kitty start or stop any meds? Did kitty throw up...if so, was it hair, food, or foamy liquid? Did it recur? Is kitty lethargic or hiding? Was he/she just a little hesitant to eat and didn't completely clean his/her plate or maybe kitty has been reluctant to get out of his/her bed? Is he/she suddenly difficult at test and/or shot time? Does kitty seem to be walking stiffly or on his/her hocks? Did kitty go to the vet and why? What tests were run and what were the results? Is there a dental pending? What might seem like an isolated occurrence, might be something that becomes important.
    • Did you make a dose change? Any observations regarding how it seemed to affect kitty....more energetic, less playful, etc.
    • Do you have any questions? If you do, please make them visible and clear so they aren't overlooked. You also can use the "?" button above the subject line so the condo is tagged and members know you have a question.
    • Some members open their condos with a recap of the previous day's numbers and may include foods, meds, etc. While it provides a quick summary of how yesterday went, many members are on a time crunch and may not have time which is fine! Most suggestion givers are always going to look at the Spreadsheet so it's very helpful if it is properly linked and can be easily accessed.
    And speaking of Spreadsheets, keeping them up-to-date is critical for receiving good suggestions. Besides the dose and the PS/other test numbers, it helps those offering you help if you add in the "Remarks" section anything different about the kitty. It also helps you to remember what day something occurred in case it later becomes important to know. Information to put in the "Remarks" section includes but is not limited to: meds (what kind, dose, when given), fluids, vomit/liquipoo, inappetance, dental or other procedures, ketone tests, and any other observations on kitty if it is not the norm. It can also be quite helpful to suggestion givers to know when kitty has been fed. A simple "asterisk" system can be used to mark feeding times. One asterisk in a time block means one portion fed, two asterisks mean two portions fed, etc. It's always a great idea to look at other Spreadsheets and see the different kinds of information contained so you can tailor it to you and your kitty's needs.

    Some members add tabs to their Spreadsheet for lab results. Again, as all things, this is optional but many of our members are very good at reading bloodwork and can make suggestions for questions for your vet if something seems remiss.

    Whether you are a long-time experienced member or a new member, it's always good to take a minute to review Making the Most of your Lantus & Levemir ISG Experience. And if you haven't done a Profile and linked it in your signature block, it would be very appreciated if you could please do it; every bit of information available that you'd like to share helps other members give you the best suggestions so you can make informed decisions.

    We're happy you are here and want to ensure each of you and your kitty get the support and help you need for your FD journey. Thank you for helping us help you :D
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  2. Janet and Izzy (GA)

    Janet and Izzy (GA) Member

    Jul 3, 2013
    I love reading others Condos but my reality is that I don't have time to do those story posts. I'm luck to get my numbers up and prior condos linked.

    I am currently in a meetin at work and should be participating and not on my smartphone.

    My days is up at 5am. Let the dog out, get some incidental get ready for work stuff in, check bg, get the fed, feed Izzy and Salem, get the shot ready, go out and feed 3 horses in 2 different areas, come it give a shot, feed outside cat, change clothes for work, take the dog to his yard and Kennel, leave for work by 6:30am.

    Off at 3:30 get home between 4-5:30 depending on any stops. Do similar stuff as above plus any chores like cleaning stalls, yard work, walk or play with dog, eat dinner.... And try in be in bed by 10.

    I do this 6 days a week.
  3. Marje and Gracie

    Marje and Gracie Senior Member Moderator

    May 30, 2010

    We understand and many of us have similar lives and requirements. We are only asking for a sentence or two....such as Izzy is doing great. Izzy has all 5ps today, etc. it doesn't need to be long and drawn out unless there is an issue such as she isn't feeling well, she isn't eating, etc.

    When we are so engrossed in managing FD, we need to remember our cats are not just the number.
  4. julie & punkin (ga)

    julie & punkin (ga) Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2011

    Notes of anything unusual in the comments section of the spreadsheet are very helpful also!
  5. Paula

    Paula Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2014
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