UK, high carb gravy food for Hypo Kit.

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    Sep 6, 2010
    UK'ers wanting a higher carb food in gravy for their hypo kit may want to consider getting a couple of cans of Gourmet Gold: 'Chicken & Liver in gravy', 'Salmon & Chicken chunks in gravy', or 'Beef chunks in gravy'.
    These foods contain cereals, and, according to the carb calculation based on the label info ('typical analysis' percentages) have around 25% calories from carbs. (But don't rely on the label info alone. What really matters is the effect of the food on your cat; and 'Every Cat Is Different'.)

    When trying to raise low numbers, it is the gravy that is particularly useful. A couple of teaspoonfuls at a time can help to raise blood glucose without filling up the cat's tummy too much (just in case you need to feed more later.)
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