? What in the world am I looking at here?!

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  1. Tiffany Smith

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    Dec 14, 2020
    link to previous post https://www.felinediabetes.com/FDMB/threads/day-3-nala-baseline-198.240087/

    Good morning, ok, Nala is throwing me for a loop, or the meter, Im not sure. I tested her and got a 200! Highest its been in a while. Thought maybe a wonky strip ( in the hundreds of posts I remembered reading that some where, so I tested immediately and got a 210?! SO lets test a 3rd time....194. Well I would def say we are over the 150 and the 190 mark so def going to shoot her with the beginning dose of the .1. Any ideas as to what is going on here? Thanks guys in advance for all you r time and help.
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  2. Larry and Kitties

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Yes, at very low does like your current "drop" is is hard to get consistant dose day to day. Just keep trying.
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  3. tiffmaxee

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    Nov 15, 2013
  4. Deb & Wink

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    Jan 31, 2013
    It's also possible that the 1 drop dose, the 0.1U will not be enough for Nala and you may need to increase the amount.
    For now, try to be as consistent as possible with your measurements.

    Making up a "reference syringe", with some colored water may help you to "see" the dose better in the actual syringe.
    I second the recommendation for getting some calipers to measure the dose.

    I remember that @Critter Mom gave you some good tips for practicing that 1 drop dose.
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  5. Critter Mom

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    Jun 16, 2014
    To save you digging for it, here are the tips for practising the drop dose:

    When trying the drop counting, I smeared a small sheet of regular printer paper with Vaseline and wiped off the excess to create a moisture barrier. Then I would practice getting the drops the same size using water in the syringe. The oil barrier helps the droplets to bead up and it's easier to compare sizes that way. Also, twisting the plunger like you'd do with a corkscrew makes it easier to s-q-u-e-e-z-e out little droplets. The Vaseline-smeared paper can also be wiped off and used again. Adding a little food colourant to the water in the syringe might help you judge drop size better too.​

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  6. Tiffany Smith

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    Dec 14, 2020

    Yep =) Thats exactly how I practiced. It was very helpful and the colored water helped me to see just where the plunger stopped each time I drew the drop back in.:);)
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