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If you are limiting dietary carbohydrates as part of your cat's regulation regimen, many popular cat foods and cat treats can pose a problem.

Cat treats should be as high as possible in protein as cats are obligatory carnivores, that is, their digestion and metabolism needs meat for proper functioning. There are 100% all-meat cat treats. They are usually freeze-dried, though some are wet and preserved by canning.

Freeze-dried cat treats come as:

  • Bonito/Tuna flakes
  • Cod fish filets
  • Salmon
  • Shrimp
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Livers

Whenever you're selecting a cat treat, read the label. Dry treats will necessarily have a higher carbohydrate content due to the manufacturing process. Also watch for high levels of sugar used as flavoring. However, remember that you're not seeking "zero" carbs, just lower carbs and higher protein. Also note that products labeled as "jerky-like" may be too tough for your cat.

Some High-Protein Cat Treats Currently Available
(Please note that FelineDiabetes.com does not endorse these products but merely offers them for informational purposes.)

Dancing Paws Meowin' Gourmet Salmon Appetit Cat Treat:

100% Salmon, lightly dried

Halo Liv-A-Littles Cat Treats:

freeze-dried cod
$9.99/1.2 jar
protein: 79%
moisture: 4%
fat: 2%
fiber: 1%


10.99/3 oz
protein: 70
fat: 10
moisture: 4
fiber: .05

protein: 80
fat: 4
moisture: 3
fiber: .1

Kitty Kaviar:

Freeze-dried bonito, carved paper thin and very "fishy" for those cats that need incentive.
3.99/.5 oz
protein: 75%
ash: 4%
magnesium: .95%

Kitty Kissers:

100% Beef livers
protein: 65.5
fat: 10.5
moisture: 2.1
fiber: 2.8

100% chicken livers
protein: 68.5
fat: 9.2
moisture: .85
fiber: 2.9

100% shrimp
protein: 59.7
fat: 4.3
moisture: 6.6
fiber: 3.2

Old West Bits:
Freeze-dried 100% meat bits

100% Shrimp

100% Salmon

100% Lamb

SeaNip Cat Treats

Cod filets
$3 for 3"x3.5"x1" filet


Wildside Salmon (PCC)
Bite-sized cubes of 100% freeze-dried raw salmon. Resealable pouch.
Crude Protein...80% Min.
Crude Fiber...1% Max.
Crude Fat...5% Min.
Moisture...3% Max.

Gimborn (PCC)

100% Beef Liver
2.97/2 oz

100% Cubed Chicken
$2.97/1.66 oz


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