03/16 Willow AMPS 100/+2.5 79/+3 76/+6 74/+7 74/+9.3 81/PMPS 100/+3 85/ +5 83

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  1. nslade001

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    Nov 12, 2018

    Hi everyone, we stopped Willows Clavaseptin yesterday morning, gave a break, and started baytril this morning. Very bright, alert, responsive and hungry this morning! Had a diarrhea just now but looked a bit more formed if you squint with a good imagination (though still definitely liquid). Even after the poop, she's not hiding (yet) so that's good. Chose not to give the Sulcrate Plus (carafate) since I really don't know why it was prescribed...the vet indicated it would "coat" the digestive tract to protect it from the antibiotic, but from what I see it will just coat damaged/ulcerated areas, and I don't think that's an issue with Willow, and I prefer to keep chemical/prescription drugs to a minimum.
    Going to pick up D-Mannose today. And look for probiotic.
    Lastly, good news on the food front...I'm pretty sure that (some) Boreal (Canadian company) foods are low carb and low phosphorus, I will double check with the company and my figures today. It's sold here, and it's also available near my house in Nova Scotia, if we end up going back!
    Wishing you and your kitties a happy day of safe surfing :) With love, Nikki

    AMPS 5.6 (100)
    1.3 U Lantus
    +2.5 4.4 (79)
    +3 4.2 (76)
    +6 4.1 (74)
    +7 4.1 (74)
    +9.3 4.5 (81)
    PMPS 5.6 (100)
    1.3 U Lantus
    +3 4.7 (85)
    +5 4.6 (83)
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    Feb 19, 2012
    I'm glad Willow seems more alert this morning. I hope switching to Baytril helps. Good news on the food. Sending prayers.
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