? 05/17 Shmee +8 333, vet visit tomorrow, thoughts?

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    Good morning,

    I woke up for a +8 last night thinking I might catch a blue since he has been inconsistent with his nadirs, and it was another pink. He gets pill pockets at +10.5 AM & PM. I thought that might be causing some pinks but who knows now since +8 was very far away from that...

    On Tuesday, I think I missed a green, so I was going to keep the dose for 5 days. But Wendy was saying that we only go off of what we see, so she suggested 4 days instead of 5. So he is getting his increase today, unless there are any objections. With those pinks I think it is ok to increase. His lime greens came from this dose last time, but last time I accidentally increased too soon. So hopefully it goes a little more smoothly..

    Tomorrow Shmee has a checkup for his teeth (two weeks post-dental). The vet previously expressed concern for the high amount of insulin he is on; she thinks his numbers are still way too high. She said before that if he doesn't start coming down she wants an ultrasound, so I am worried she is going to say she wants one when we go tomorrow. I know a lot of people on this board are on higher doses, and I believe someone mentioned in a previous condo that we I should not express concern until he goes over 6 units. Do you think this is still the case, post-dental? The reason she wants an ultrasound is because of his previous high liver levels. You can see the labwork and drastic improvement after the Denamarin in my SS.

    Thoughts? If the vet suggests an ultrasound, can I hold off on that for now? Maybe until that 6 units someone previously mentioned? The ultrasound technician is an hour away and he has to sit still for a half hour. I really do not see this happening. Someone suggested I ask if I can hold him - I will definitely ask about this if it comes down to it. He absolutely hates the car too... I do not want to do this ultrasound until you all think it is really necessary.
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