? 05/21 - Freckles/Judy 160@PMPS. ? about shooting early

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    Something has come up for tomorrow's AM shot time which means I will have to shoot 1 hour early. I know when you shoot early, it's like giving an increase. Freckles has been primarily in mid-high blues on this dose and I'm wondering if I should give her this same dose tomorrow AM shot or decrease it (this of course is depending on the numbers she shows in tonight's cycle). I won't have any problem in getting her back on schedule in the next few days.

    @Wendy&Neko if you are around tonight, what are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!
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    She’s looking really great!

    Yes shooting early “can” act as a dose increase but, with Gracie, I never found it made much difference. I’m assuming you will be gone as long as you normally are and no one can test. While Freckles has had any yellow PSs in several days, if you do get one, I would shoot an hour early with the current dose.

    If she’s high blue, I’d do the same but if she’s low blue or green, you might want to drop the dose back to 6u and that’s primarily so you’ll feel more comfortable. If you have a feeder, you can leave her extra food in the latter case, too, as the depot will still be active if it was going to be anyway.
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