10-23 Pretty Girl- AMPS 464

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  1. JeanW

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    Jul 24, 2017
    Yesterday -

    Pretty Girl looked and acted good last night every time I got up to check on her. She ate quite a bit of turkey at +9. She seems to often need to eat at about +8.5/+9.

    She also often seems to kind of fall apart or feel a lot less good at about +11/+11.5 and that was true this morning also.

    She did wat with a lot of coaxing. She preferred the turkey meat - between her and SweetPea they finished it off. After that she ate a little NL Chicken, a little NL Sardine and a little Nature’s Variety Instinct Chicken. :rolleyes:

    Gave her the full dose this morning.
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  2. Mandy & Rex

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    Mar 22, 2017
    I do think you need to go up to 1.75u. There are just too many blacks and reds on the SS right now.
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  3. Tracey&Jones (GA)

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    Dec 12, 2016
    I am wondering if the issue is partly due to the half doses and missed shots because she isn't eating well/vet visits. I am not an expert but since she is so high I am inclined to think she needs to get the dose regardless if she is willing to eat at PS. With Lantus you have 2 hour window to get them to eat some. The last good run seems 7 doses and it looked like it was starting to get somewhere on October 1st. Then there was a NS.

    Plus the data on the 20th seems very weird. Is there a possible strip issue? 128 PMPS, 441 a half hour later, 219 +2 and 629 +4. Granted there was a NS in there but why go blue, to red, to yellow to black like that? There is a few cases like that on the SS.

    Tagging some more experienced people to take a look @Bobbie And Bubba @Wendy&Neko

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