11-09-18 Little Ra AMBG 92 PMBG 83 OTJ Trial Day 9

Discussion in 'Lantus / Basaglar (glargine) and Levemir (detemir)' started by LittleRa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. LittleRa

    LittleRa Member

    Sep 17, 2018
    Yesterdays thread

    Little Ra is still holding on with his AMBG of 92! Just a few more days and I might be able to breathe again! How is everyone else's' kitties doing?

    Thanks for checking on Little Ra,

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  2. Krystina & Nelli

    Krystina & Nelli Well-Known Member

    Jul 4, 2018
    I am very, so very happy for LittleRa :bighug:
    He’s got to be feelin soooo good... you too :)
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  3. Idjit's mom

    Idjit's mom Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2018
    Idjit is shining and buffing up his tap dancing shoes, getting ready for the party!
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  4. Chris & China (GA)

    Chris & China (GA) Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2013
    Go Little Ra, Go!!

    Race for the finish line!!
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  5. carfurby

    carfurby Well-Known Member

    Feb 19, 2012
    Happy Day 9!
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  6. Joanne&TinySole

    Joanne&TinySole Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2018
    Way to go, Little Ra!
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  7. LittleRa

    LittleRa Member

    Sep 17, 2018
    Thanks so much everyone! I have to say your support has be invaluable to Bob, myself as well as Little Ra! A round of hugs and furry loves for everyone! :bighug::cat::bighug:
  8. Rosie & Bailey

    Rosie & Bailey Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2018
    Happy Day 9!
    Keep it going Little Ra! Almost there!
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