3/16 Carbon PMPS 449

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    Nov 9, 2018
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    Sidebar: Probably be looking for a roomie again soon. New roomie is thinking of moving back to her home state now that she found out the ex was cheating and her dream of going back to the turd is over. South of Palm Springs if you know of anyone.

    Sidebar 2: I have a lot of U40 needles for free. Listed them in the main forum, too.

    I am raising his lantus tomorrow. I was going to yesterday but he became very lethargic over the last two days and stopped eating. I took him to the vet and they watched him over night and ran labs. They put him on a very low dose for his very minor hyperthyroidism, some meds for his liver since it's acting up (has been since diagnosed - diabetic related they believe), and some antibiotics.

    They also feed him damn deitetics. I need to remember to take his food with him when I take him in. they are nearly an hour from my house. I could have bought fancy feast next door, and had I not been sick, I would have thought about it. They think that trash is good but it drives his BG up.

    he's home. They had to give him valium to take his last labs, which is unlike him. He's VERY calm and patient. They had another screaming cat in there that probably made him scared and he's probably just over it. he's spent so much time at the vet.

    His WBC was elevated a bit but no noticeable UTI. So just something making him sick but he's eating now. Just drunk off the valium still. The vet said he's not worried, that carbon should be fine. Nothing scary.

    He looks rough but so do I. He and I are sickies together. Luckily, me being sick means I'm home to work through this with him.

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