4/16 Benny - back on insulin

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  1. Erin & Scott

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    Jan 11, 2019
    Benny had been doing great, I tested him last week Thursday, he was at 93. Went to the vet on Friday for a f/u appointment for a chronic infection in his ears, the vet & the tech fussed over him and heaped praise on him for doing so well. There was one day last week when he seemed quite subdued, but I attributed it to the all-day thunderstorms we were having; other than that, he's been bouncy and pouncy, his usual crazy little self.

    Then yesterday, he went upstairs after his morning feed and didn't come down all day, even for his evening meal. He had curled up on the floor at the food of our bed and had hardly moved. We took food up to him, which he ate eagerly, but didn't come downstairs at all. Same thing this morning - curled up at the foot of our bed again. Scott took food up to him again, then I went and looked in on him a couple hours later. I got him to stand up and go to his food & water bowls, but I noticed that his back legs seemed a bit wobbly.

    Except for that, high BG wasn't the first thing that came to mind, but seeing that motivated me to immediately test his blood, and sure enough he was at 213 - the highest we've seen him in months. So we gave him 0.25u of insulin, and his numbers are gradually coming down.

    His ears have been looking better, but the vet did a culture last week and there is still evidence of fungal and bacterial infection in both ears. We've still been processing the info from the vet regarding treatment, but hadn't made a decision yet - and now this comes up.

    While it was great to see him getting by without insulin, I'd rather have to shoot every day and see him looking lively and healthy than to see him looking like he does today. I just want our crazy little Benny back!

    I suspect the ear business might have contributed to the blood sugar increase - the vet irrigated both ears quite thoroughly, and I noticed that in addition to the lethargy, he was very guarded about his ears being touched - even more so than usual - so I can't help thinking that's part of the picture.

    Oh, well - we'll do what we need to do, and maybe if we get the ears cleaned up we can get him into remission again. Or not, and we'll continue with his insulin. Whichever, I just want to see him healthy and happy again!
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  2. Crista & Ming

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    Jun 10, 2018
    Sorry about Benny but I think it's great how you're handling this :) I hope when the infection clears up that Benny goes back to good numbers without insulin too!
  3. Ti-Mousse

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    Dec 2, 2018
    Welcome back little Benny! :bighug: His ears will get better after treatment and his numbers will go down! Next time will be the good one! You're doing very good at handling this!:)

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