8/3 Hershey AMPS(97)PMPS(155)+6(38) Thoughts? & G'kids' pix

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  1. Doug N Libby

    Doug N Libby Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2012
    6/13 Hershey


    All seems well with Hershey. All P's in place and he's playful and happy and seems to be feeling good. We've been playing with .3u/.4u for about a month and Hershey quickly recovered from a shot we had to skip 7/26. He has dropped below (50) or (40) a few times, like usual for him.

    Today, at PMPS, I tested - drew up his shot - fed - and....went on about my business. 2:30 later, I came to feed at PM +2.5 AND saw the syringe on the table. (Smacking my forehead HARD!) So, PMPS was actually at +14.5. And, yet, at PM +6, he was at (38). It makes me wonder if he's asking for a little less juice. But, then, when he's delayed for long he shoots up. I remain befuddled, just trying to learn the new steps he throws my way. We've been doing this dance for almost 31 months; I just feel like I should know more steps than I do. (Thankful for all I HAVE learned thanks to FDMB and the dear friends we've found here!!)

    Looking at Hershey's SS, any ideas on what he may be trying to tell us?

    OT: Still having occasional inappropriate urinating. I am confident it's Oreo, but haven't caught him in the actual act, just leaving the scene of the crime. At first, it was just on Doug's clothes, but now it's Joseph's, too. It doesn't happen often and there's no rhyme or reason. The first couple of times I thought, well, maybe the LB isn't clean enough. But, that doesn't seem to matter. I think if it was an infection, it'd happen more often. We haven't changed litter or anything else that he should care about. I was reading (A LOT) and it said if they always go on one type surface that maybe the cat doesn't like the type of litter. Well, he goes on clothes, but then will go on the tile floor. It was suggested to feed in the area he's been visiting because cats don't like to pee where they eat. It may be too soon to tell for sure, but that seems to have helped in Joseph's bathroom.

    My question is - could it have something to do with the guys being guys? I mean, he's not alpha male. In fact, Oreo is last on the list of males in this house. And, Joseph is his favorite human...surely he doesn't think it's some sort of gift??? Have you experienced this? Any thoughts? Suggestions?

    For anyone interested, I'm including a July picture of the grandbabies. We try to get out to see them once a month. Beth Ann looks different every time we see her. And, Sammy is now making it his mission NOT to look at the camera (insert eyeroll here).

    Thoughts and prayers for everyone who has lost a dear one; no matter how long we have, it never seems like enough. And congratulations to those who have gone OTJ.

    Thanks for coming over today and for sharing your insights with us. Hershey seems to be rising now, so I'm going to take it as permission to go to bed.

    Nighty night!

    Libby (& Hershey, too!)

    AMPS (97) + 12 - Fed & Shot .3u at 3:00am + 1/8th tsp Miralax
    +3.75 (89) - fed
    +5.25 (137)
    +9 (139)
    - Realized how close his other tests were and wanted to catch any potential drop

    +12 (151) - fed + 1/8th tsp Miralax. Drew up the shot and LEFT IT ON THE TABLE! grr

    PMPS (155) + 14.5 - Shot .3u - fed
    +2 (123)
    +3.5 (57) - fed (They got an extra meal because of my mess up.)
    +6 (38) - fed 1.5 tsp SpD
    +6.5 (46) - fed 1.5 tsp SpD
    +7.5 (51)
    +8.17 (62)

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  2. Tina & Rocky

    Tina & Rocky Well-Known Member

    Dec 19, 2013
    Re: 8/3 Hershey AMPS(97)PMPS(155)+6(38) Thoughts? & G'kids'

    Did you end up overlapping two shots? One of them you shot late, and then the next one you shot at Hershey's regular time?
  3. Sienne and Gabby (GA)

    Sienne and Gabby (GA) Senior Member Moderator

    Dec 28, 2009
    Re: 8/3 Hershey AMPS(97)PMPS(155)+6(38) Thoughts? & G'kids'

    Hi, Libby!

    i wonder if you kept track of where Joseph or Doug was on the days that Oreo peed on their clothes if that would help solve the mystery. Maybe there was the smell of another cat/animal on their clothes. Urinating can be a way of marking territory.

    As for Hershey, I hope you're planning on reducing the dose after that 38.
  4. Dyana

    Dyana Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    Re: 8/3 Hershey AMPS(97)PMPS(155)+6(38) Thoughts? & G'kids'

    I think you should reduce the dose with that 38. Maybe try a 0.1.
    I mean the shot was delayed and he was fed, and he still got a 38. I think that's telling you something.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your cute grand kids :)
  5. Doug N Libby

    Doug N Libby Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2012
    Re: 8/3 Hershey AMPS(97)PMPS(155)+6(38) Thoughts? & G'kids'

    - Hey, Tina - No, we didn't overlap shots. His PMPS was late, so 5:30 is his new shot time.

    - Hey, Sienne - I hadn't thought about keeping track of where Doug and Joseph had been. Good idea. Hopefully, Oreo won't do it anymore, but if he does, I'll do that.

    I had thought/planned to reduce Hershey, but was waiting until he clears the bounce, which will probably be tonight (if he does like 'usual').

    - Hey, Dyana - The delay/drop got me, that's why I posted. I wish Hershey would just use plain English. :YMSIGH: I was thinking through what to decrease him to. It seems that .3u is pretty much .25u, so was thinking it needed to be less than that. We can try .1u - like THAT will be easy for my eyes! Sometimes Joseph sees me struggling, takes pity on me, and says, "Mom, just let me do it." Oh, young eyes!

    Thanks about the grandkids. :smile:

    ** Thanks, y'all for helping us help Hershey. :D
  6. Squeaky and KT (GA)

    Squeaky and KT (GA) Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2011
    Re: 8/3 Hershey AMPS(97)PMPS(155)+6(38) Thoughts? & G'kids'

    Hey Libby!! Cute babies growing so fast...seems like just yesterday that Sammy was born!

    Yep that .1u is hard to measure - can I borrow Joseph?

    HUGS and headbutts! I like Sienne's suggestion!
  7. Doug N Libby

    Doug N Libby Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2012
    Re: 8/3 Hershey AMPS(97)PMPS(155)+6(38) Thoughts? & G'kids'

    - Hey, Lyresa -Thanks on the babies. Yes, ma'am, they do grow up fast. Hard to believe Sammy is almost 2. :lol: on borrowing Joseph. I remember when I couldn't understand WHY my parents couldn't see whatever it was. You don't fully appreciate young eyes until you don't have them any more. Good to hear from you. Here's hoping Hershey will like the .1u!
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