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  1. Amanda and a Loudogg

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    Jun 16, 2017
    September 14, 2018 Condo

    Good morning all! Lou had a wonderful day yesterday. I'm not completely sure how his pm went, as I fell asleep on the couch in the most epic way yet (for at least 3 hours :eek:), and Caleb didn't check when he came home. The cats also had a wonderful day yesterday as a family. I was able to feed them together in the kitchen all day, which saved so much time and trips up and down the stairs. Also, I saw Lou bathing Bella, which he hadn't done since the move. Bella started off rough at the new house, getting "stuck" downstairs and merowling (which I had never heard her do before). She's blossomed and I've even seen her hunting flies! I've never seen her give more than a perfunctory chase, but yesterday she was going after one with a vengeance! So exciting! I hope Lou has a good cycle today as well.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day and your kitties surf safely! Sending vines to @Ana & Frosty, @Amanda & Shmee, @Beck and Grandpa, and @John Irene and TITAN. :bighug::bighug::bighug:
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  2. Olive & Paula

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    Sep 6, 2015
    Well it sounds as if the kitties love their new home. Who wouldn't do much more space to explore.
  3. Jill & Scooter

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    Mar 7, 2018
    Glad the kitties are enjoying their new home!
  4. Bellasmom

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    Feb 12, 2018
    Nice update
    Nice start of the day lou:cool:
  5. Beth 73

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    Aug 2, 2016
    Great news :bighug:

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