Asia 2/27 +6 54, +10 168, PMPS 136, +1 162

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  1. Stacy & Asia

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    Oct 2, 2017

    Asia had a big drop from +3 to +6 today, had to run some errands, but wasn't expecting that for sure. I think she would have been higher if food was on board but DH forgot to feed her and she was yelling at me for food when I got home. :rolleyes:

    What's odd is her +10 was higher than her PMPS. She double dipped on Lantus rather frequently, but she's never done that on Lev and I didn't think it was a thing with this insulin. I wonder why she went down again? o_O

    Vet called me today, it was unfortnate that I was out and about and didn't have my notebook with me to get all my questions answered (just the ones off the top of my head). The overall feedback was she was really happy with the labs and the creatinine and BUN coming down, she used the word "stable" in regards to her CKD! :woot: Looks like kidney infection was the cause for the number surge and is now under control with antibiotics! So onward we continue to reach the 6 week mark with the zeniquin.

    Vet wasn't concerned with wonky electrolytes and also wasn't concerned with anemia, I'm still concerned with anemia and keeping it from getting too bad, not sure what to do about that outside of B vitamins.

    Daughter is doing well, she was out with friends most of the day and is home resting now.
  2. Ella & Rusty & Stu(GA)

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Very nice vetty report for Asia!
    Glad your DD is doing well after surgery. Out with friends is the best remedy.
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  3. carfurby

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    Feb 19, 2012
    Good news from the vet. I'm glad your daughter is doing well. Sending prayers for her continued recovery.
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  4. Kathy and TiTi

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    Feb 12, 2016
    Sounds great! I'd just keep a weather eye on the red blood cells. But with the CKD stabilized, it does not seem to relate to that, unless it is a transitory reaction to the CKD worsening, due to the infection. Dunno' if that idea even makes sense. Lol. At any rate, she's back in prime.
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