charlie's remission and insulin question

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  1. SuePea

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    Mar 20, 2015
    His Royal Highness is still in remission, nearly 3 years after his 6 weeks of putting me through hell and terror. But I just found out that there are a couple of long-acting insulins out there that are now available OTC through Walmart under their ReliOn brand.

    Can those wise ones that live here take a look at those and tell us if they might be a reasonable low-cost alternative to the brand names?

    Love to all, I get to missing everyone once in a while.

    For you who are new to this all--take heart, take hope, all is not lost! My Charlie is now 17 and may not be big and fat any more, but he is as much of a love as ever, when he could have been gone all these years.
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  2. Chris & China

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    May 10, 2013
    As far as I know, WalMart doesn't carry any insulin's that are you have any names?

    I know when I first started and took my script for Lantus in (this was 2013), the WalMart pharmacist tried to tell me they had a "Relion" brand for $25 that was the same thing but I'd already learned here that it wasn't the same as Lantus at all.
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