First Curve and need dosing advice

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    Jan 30, 2019
    Marlin started on Vetsulin @ 2u on Feb 2. BG testing hasn't gone too well because Marlin is not that cooperative. I've tried the rice sock and that worked like 2 times, now he hates it. I managed to get the curve by letting him have a few tastes of wet food to distract him, but it was a long day. Can someone please look at Marlin's spreadsheet and tell me how things are looking? To me, it looks like things are going in the right direction. I did not give him a shot this morning because he tested at 173 and the sticky recommended not to shoot under 200. I will test him again in the PM before I shoot. I sent the curve results to the vet 2 days ago and have heard nothing about dosing. I did drop his dosing after the curve to 1.5U because it seemed like with his numbers going lower, I didn't want him to get too low when the vetsulin was most effective. Any advice is appreciated.

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