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    Jan 30, 2019
    Marlin started on Vetsulin @ 2u on Feb 2. BG testing hasn't gone too well because Marlin is not that cooperative. I've tried the rice sock and that worked like 2 times, now he hates it. I managed to get the curve by letting him have a few tastes of wet food to distract him, but it was a long day. Can someone please look at Marlin's spreadsheet and tell me how things are looking? To me, it looks like things are going in the right direction. I did not give him a shot this morning because he tested at 173 and the sticky recommended not to shoot under 200. I will test him again in the PM before I shoot. I sent the curve results to the vet 2 days ago and have heard nothing about dosing. I did drop his dosing after the curve to 1.5U because it seemed like with his numbers going lower, I didn't want him to get too low when the vetsulin was most effective. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Feb 11, 2019
    I'm so sorry noone has responded yet. It looks like his numbers are doing really well and heading towards being diet controlled. I am glad you dropped the dose the few times it was needed. The advice I got was to sometimes give a tiny amount .25u if his numbers were a bit high but still under 200. Like 140-200 I would give a tiny amount, under that I wouldn't shoot. I found that my plunger is about the thickness of .25u to help me eyeball it. It is good to try to get his numbers in the normal range (80-120) to help kitty's pancreas to heal. I also do test while kitty is eating his wet food and he also hates his ear being warmed.
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    The normal BG range for a cat using a human meter is 50 to 120. The numbers you are currently getting are great and look promising for remission but they could be a tad lower and we would usually suggest continuing insulin at reduced amounts even down to a drop per dose, to get kitty all the way to a remission trial/strong remission. That said, it is more difficult to do with Vetsulin due to the sharper drops it causes in BG. It's also imperative that you be able to test your cat at will without major problems to keep them safe while continuing to give small doses of insulin at slightly lower pre-shot readings.

    I would suggest you continue to test Marlin daily at both AM and PM pre-shot times having withheld food for at least 2 hours prior to the test to see how he is doing. If his numbers remain in normal range for a period of 14 consecutive days, then you can declare him in remission. Ideally his numbers will be in the green range but the odd blue number (120 or less) is not a concern. If blue numbers crop up, feed Marlin and then retest him again 3 or 4 hours later to see if the BG has come down. This will tell you that his pancreas is doing it's job.

    I'm assuming the missed tests on Marlin's spreadsheet are times when he was less than co-operative. :blackeye::rolleyes: Keep trying, because even if you do determine Marlin no longer needs insulin right now, he will always be a diabetic and therefore you should continue to test him weekly or at the very least monthly to ensure you catch it quickly if his BG readings start rising again.
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