GE100 glucose monitoring system

Discussion in 'Feline Health - (The Main Forum)' started by Smokey and Jessica, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Smokey and Jessica

    Smokey and Jessica Member

    Feb 8, 2018
    Does anyone use this meter? I use alphatrak and only bought it as a backup because I might run out of test strips before my order gets in. I’m sure it is just fine to at least tell me if it’s safe to give insulin or watch for lows, but at $17 for the meter and a box of 50 strips I’m worried about accuracy?
    The only other they had was accucheck, but the cost wasnt much different than alphatrack and I can’t justify that cost for a back up at the moment. I’m still very new, and I like having a meter that gets a reading exactly like the vet. Literally- we tested together- the exact same. So I’m not ready to switch until this all settles down some more. image.jpg
    If anyone has any experience with this one though, that $7 price tag for strips is pretty irresistible and I might just have to switch one day!
  2. Kris & Teasel

    Kris & Teasel Well-Known Member

    Aug 17, 2016
    I'm not familiar with this one. It claims to need only a tiny blood drop and that's a good thing. You could Google reviews to see what humans who use have said.
  3. Larry and Kitties

    Larry and Kitties Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    Using the same drop of blood take a reading with each meter at see how close the value are. Note that because of errors in the meter/strips, the reading could very by +/- 20% or more since meter/strip accuracy is +/-20% orn less
  4. Smokey and Jessica

    Smokey and Jessica Member

    Feb 8, 2018
    Pretty happy with these results being close!
    Alphatrak 384 vs GE 357
    They were actually closer than I was expecting. I’m going to compare results for a while, but this is definitely promising!
    The GE is a little harder to use. The strips make a firm ‘click’ which is a little hard one handed. I like to rest the strip loose in the slot on the AT so I can take my time getting blood and then one handed activate it and scoop it up. Also, the GE kind of ‘slurps’ up the blood. Probably gets a more accurate amount, but I’ve gotten used to scooping it quickly and this is a bit slower. Overall though I’d say it’s a success!

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