? Going on extended vacation soon - need dosing advice please!

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    Posted this in the PZI forum a couple days ago but haven't got any replies so reposting here.
    PZI thread: http://www.felinediabetes.com/FDMB/...cation-soon-need-dosing-advice-please.219832/

    I am leaving late next week for a 10 day vacation. A friend of mine will be caring for Panic, and while she already knows my friend, she will be in a new environment with strangers, kids, and dogs. To put it bluntly, I imagine she'll be upset about it and assume we'll be seeing elevated numbers, but I would still like to prevent any emergencies while I'm away.

    All of her diabetic tools will be with her - glucometer, auto feeder, emergency kit, etc. and my friend has agreed to at least test her before every shot, I'm not sure if she will be able to consistently test throughout the cycles but let's assume not.

    Aside from the different environment, I'll also be leaving slightly higher carb food for her. Normally she eats FF at 2-3% carbs during the day and 5% carbs 9 Lives at night. I'll be giving my friend only 9 Lives both for simplicity and an extra safety cushion.

    Since my vacay is going to be so extended I was wondering what dose she should be on while I'm gone. I'm also hoping to get advice on a preshot dosing guide for my friend. I know the rule for newbies is below 200 no shoot, but Panic has a lot of data so I'm not sure if this still applies. This is part of the guide I have typed up so far to give my friend:

    Below 200 – Stall feeding about 20 minutes and retest. We want to see if she’s rising on her own. If she’s over 200 after the 20 min, I would recommend a token dose of maybe _____ units. If she’s holding, give _____ unit, if dropping just skip the dose. Expect a high number at dinner time either way.

    201 to 240 – Good preshot numbers, but maybe lower the dose to ______ units to be on the safe side.

    241 and above – Full dose

    I'm being very cautious about this because I want Panic to be safe but I also don't want to be too conservative. Could anyone help me figure out what her dose should be while I'm away, what my friend's no-shoot number should be, and fill in the gaps depending on her preshot above? I'm open to changes on my preshot number advice to my friend, like if I should extend the full dose allowance, etc.
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    I asked on the PZI forum for help for you.
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    There was another thread that I responded to. :)

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