Hound & Gatos food?

Discussion in 'Feline Health - (The Main Forum)' started by Crystal0268, Nov 24, 2017.

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  1. Crystal0268

    Crystal0268 New Member

    Nov 24, 2017
    I'm looking for canned cat food that is low in carbs for my cat with diabetes, and also low in ingredients because she has food allergies. I found Hound & Gatos and it literally has zero carbs. I am unfamiliar with the brand and I've only found 2 reviews on it, so before I give it to my cat I wanted to see if anyone has experience with it or their brand??

    Hound & Gatos Duck Formula Grain-Free Cat Food, 5.5-oz, case of 24

    I also notice that it doesn't have peas, or any other vegetable like potato. It's probably not an issue for cats but I find it unusual since all other low ingredient foods do.

    side note, she is currently eating Nature's Variety Instinct LID and it is too high in carbs and is making her insulin need go up.
  2. Chris & China

    Chris & China Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2013
    Hounds and Gato's is fine, but I'd only buy a few cans and see if your cat likes it before you go and order a bunch

    A lot of cats don't seem to like the texture
  3. Mom2Maverick

    Mom2Maverick Member

    Dec 15, 2016
    My cat loves it, except the chicken flavor. You can find more reviews on chewy.com.
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