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Info on Dental Procedures (including pictures)

Discussion in 'Health Links / FAQs about Feline Diabetes' started by Jill & Alex (GA), Sep 14, 2015.

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  1. Jill & Alex (GA)

    Jill & Alex (GA) Senior Member Moderator

    Dec 28, 2009
    Written by Sienne and Gabby
    Originally posted on March 22, 2012

    At least once a month, someone has a question about dental procedures. The vet I use has some great resources and rather than having to put this together every time, I'm putting the information in one place.

    Guide to Comparing Veterinary Dental Services

    Dental Disease in Cats

    Preventative Home Dental Care

    Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings....why it's not a good idea

    Picture book of Sparkles procedure

    Dentistry and Periodontal surgery under anesthesia in cats
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    Reason for edit: Links updated courtesy of Sienne and Gabby (GA) and Chris & China.
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