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    Mar 15, 2019
    This morning I wasn't a fan of Soleil's numbers again. And it bothered me that they weren't coming down as low as they were over the weekend. Maybe it's because she was relaxed with me being home and being able to roam through the house and demanding food whenever she was ready to eat. (I'm not sure if stress affects the gluose numbers). So I looked at the syringe and questioned if I was giving her enough. The first day I brought home the syringes and insulin to give her her first dosage I felt like the syringes were different than the ones I practiced with at Banfield. I figured I was just over-analyzing because I wanted to make sure I was doing things right, and gave her the dosage using the line I thought was correct.

    I started second guessing the measurements again this morning, so I post in the forum for the insulin she's taking asking about which line I should use to correctly gauge the units she's supposed to get.Thanks to @Kris & Teasel , I learned that I wasn't giving her enough since last Friday. Granted she had a couple of evenings where she didn't need the shot because she was low enough, and not enough insulin is better than too much and causing an emergency, but I felt bad because I thought I was doing everything right only to find out what I was doing probably wasn't helping her much at all; even if I was off by half a unit. I'm glad I asked and I'm grateful for the diagram I received to show me the type of syringe I was using. It makes so much more sense now!

    So today after testing her before her dinner, I put her number in and updated the previous dosages in her spreadsheet so that it's truly accurate. Her number was high this evening, so she gets to have her first full 2 unit dosage. Hopefully going forward this new knowledge will actually start to reflect in her testing daily.

    Thank you all again for helping me through this process. The last two weeks have felt like ages, but now that I have a little control on the situation and options along with help, it's made things so much better.
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    Apr 3, 2018
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    Dec 3, 2016
    Better too little than two or three times too much. I've seen people do it.
    We can't do group hugs with new members, there was some lawsuit or something. :rolleyes: Welcome to Crazy Town..

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