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    Feb 25, 2018
    Scoot was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, she is 14 yrs old. My Vet put her on Vetsulin (2 lines on the needle). He said no special food was required, the Delectables bisque senior, 10 yrs + was fine. I was directed to give her a small amount of food & then the shot. 3 to 4 hrs later give her a full meal. I am to bring her back to the Vet ( six hrs after her injection) in the next week or two to see what might need changing. Also 3 wks ago she was put on antibiotics for dental issues for 7 to 10 days that we did. We were not instructed as of yet about any home testing for the diabetes. Her last medical issue was 2 yrs ago, she had radio iodine therapy for her thyroid & after all of that she had gained a lot of weight. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with her getting diabetes. That’s about where we stand right now. It has been a struggle with my work schedule, some days I work during the day & some days at night, every week and it changes week to week. So when I have to work different times, I’ve been tweeking her shot time an hour to an hour and a half one way or another...I just have been keeping a running list of the times. Then of course the 4 hrs after the shot to give her the full meal has me setting the alarm in the middle of the night sometimes. I would do anything I possibly could for her, it’s just been stressful for both of us. Does it sound like I’m doing ok, I have zero experience with this? Thank you for listening.

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