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  1. tonimarmalade

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    Jan 20, 2015
    i think I have already introduced Marmalade and myself in the profile along with her ss. I also shared info.about our other three special needs cats. Needless to say we are quite overwhelmed with the newly diagnosed marmalade diabetic, area CKD catsweet pay our hyper thyroid cat, Mystic, and are obese Mia.anyone who might have the time to review marmalades spreadsheet and give some feedback or observations would be greatly appreciated. This website is amazing. Bless you all!
  2. tonimarmalade

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    Jan 20, 2015
    Our CKD Cat, sweet Pee, is deaf, and also has asthma. She lives in the heated garage because the 3 M's won't let her in the house. They are all rescues and two were feral. Marmalade is our youngest , eight yrs old, andgetting better with getting jabbed and injected. We, too, are hAndling all of it better but would like to see numbers that aren't so erratic!
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    Sep 14, 2014
    Hi and welcome

    Your spreadsheet is working just fine. Can you amend your signature to take out the the sentence 'not sure... And replace it with marmalade's age, diet, other medication, insulin (lantus),etc. this will be helpful when people review your post.

    I've checked your spreadsheet and have noticed that you have increased dose very quickly and I think that you have not allowed enough time for marmalade's numbers to settle and may have increased too much each time. We typically only increase by 0.25 units in any one go. I can't advise on dosage but for example my 5 kg cat started on 0.5 unit of lantus twice a day and slowly worked up to 1.25 units before coming back down the scale. I think The high numbers you are seeing might be from too much insulin and marmalade levels are dropping quickly and rebounding so when you take a reading it looks high and you think you have to give more.

    How much does he weigh? On this forum we use two protocols (or variations of the two) that help to guide us on starting dose and how to increase and decrease. They have good track records of getting cats well regulated.

    The start low go slow protocol
    And the tight regulation protocol

    It is best not to try to rush to get them regulated but start conservatively and slowly monitor there levels and increase in small amounts once enough cycles have passed and readings have shown that the nadirs (the low points in the cycle) are not quite low enough. Does that make sense.

    I personally feel you should go back to the starting dose based on your cats weight. What would that be?

    You know what to do in the event of a low reading. I noticed that the other day when he went low you gave karo just once. Our advice is that you then have to keep monitoring every twenty minutes and keep giving the honey, karo or high carb food until a safe number has been reached consistently and the nadir has passed. Full details in the link below. It does concern me that you are now giving a higher dose again and you may be missing the low numbers
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    Welcome to FDMB!
    You're in the right place to get support in managing your cat's diabetes.
    Check out my signature link Glucometer Notes to understand more about using glucometers to check your cat's glucose levels.
    See my signature link Secondary Monitoring Tools for additional assessments you may wish to make in evaluating her health.

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