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  1. Suzallp

    Suzallp New Member

    Aug 1, 2017
    My one-year-old kitten Avalanche has been diagnosed pre-diabetic yesterday. His glucose level was 156. He's walking on his hocks which was very alarming to me and last night his legs were actually Crossing when he walked. The vet said that we can keep his diabetes under control with diet and she okay what I feed him which is Organix dry and organix wet... She changed the amounts to 1/4 cup dry 1/4 can wet twice a day. She said she thinks we can get this under control and he won't have any problem with it but he has to be isolated from the other cat until he can walk better. She gave him a prednisone shot. He doesn't seem to be any pain. He has to lose about 2 or 3 lb. I have him isolated in a very large dog kennel with his water,his litter pan, food a nice comfy blanket. But I'm worried sick about it. Has anyone else seen this in a pre diabetic cat? I actually doubted her diagnosis until I looked it up and read about the walking on the hocks which is a very alarming thing to see in your cat. He used to be a jumper in the leaper and I thought it was a neurological problem maybe he had fallen got hurt. But doesn't seem to be and from what I've read walking on the hocks as a sure sign but is that true about pre-diabetes?
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    Feb 18, 2015
    Hi Suzallp,

    I have taken the liberty of copying your post over to the Health Forum to get more eyes on it there. This is still the Introductions forum. The traffic here is very light and we keep all medical advice on either the Health forum or the individual insulin forums so that everything can be peer reviewed and you get the best information/support possible.

    You can find your post here
    and if you simply acknowledge that post, you will get alerts when you get responses via a little red number in upper right corner of the screen over the word Alerts. :D
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