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  1. amanda ramirez

    amanda ramirez New Member

    Jun 17, 2015
    Hi. My cat Lucy was just diagnosed with diabetes on 6.11.15. She is 9 years old. My vet prescribed one unit of insulin per day for the first couple days. This did nothing for her glucose levels. They remained in the 300s to 400s. Vet increased dose to one unit of insulin twice daily. We completed our first glucose level monitoring every 2 hours yesterday. I submitted the record to the vet this morning. Readings all day yesterday remained in the 400 range. I called vet today to make sure they got the email I sent with the glucose levels. They said the had and that the vet would call and advise whether or not to increase the dose. Never got a call back and vet is now closed! I will call again in the morning. Frustrated though, for the no call back. I suppose she didnt get diabetes in a day, so she wont be cured in a day. . .
  2. BJM

    BJM Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2010
    Welcome to FDMB, the best place you never wanted to be.

    There are 4 things you'll need to manage your kitty's diabetes:
    - You - without your commitment, the following won't work.
    - Low carb over the counter canned or raw diet, such as many Friskies pates. See Cat Info for more info. If already on insulin, you must be home testing before changing the diet.
    - A long-lasting insulin such as ProZinc, Lantus, BCP PZI, or Levemir.
    - And home blood glucose monitoring with an inexpensive human glucometer such as the WalMart Relion Confirm or Target Up and Up (the pet ones will break your budget!).

    The most important number you can get, after getting pre-shot tests, is nadir tests. The time of the nadir, or lowest glucose level, depends on the insulin.
    Humulin or Novolin NPH has a nadir around +3 to +4 hours post-shot
    ProZinc, PZI, Lantus, and Levemir may have a nadir around +5 to +7 hours post shot, though Levemir may nadir later than that in some cats.
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