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    Feb 13, 2018
    Harley, 9 yr old male dx on 2/10/18. First vet was not a fit for us. Did not approve of home testing and no guidance or support. Went to new vet 2/17/18. BG at both vets was 598. Both times very stressed. First shot of lantus given at vet on 2/17, I believe it was 1 U. The next morning I read the prescription was written at 2 U bid. Called and left message for vet. Gave him 1 U and vet confirmed later in the day that she wanted him on 2 U. Continued doing 2 U bid until we received our glucometer on the 21st. Tested that evening and bg was 37. Did a control test on meter and it came out within appropriate range. Retested 2 hours later after food and was only at 74. Did not give him his insulin. Called the vet the next morning. Bg was 323. Vet said to decrease to 1.5 U bid. Tested again in evening and his bg was 48. Called the vet again and they said no insulin and decrease to 1 U the next morning and do glucose curve. Tested next morning and bg was was 387. Gave 1 U and started glucose curve. Numbers were AMPS 387, 364, 269, 181, 147, 95. Called the vet before they closed and she told me to go ahead and feed (don't worry about last testing) and decrease to .5 bid. Tested next morning and bg was 249. Gave him .5 U. PMPS was 123. Did not give him pm shot. This morning I tested him....not an easy task as he's mad as nails about being poked!!! at 193. I just fed him and will retest before I go to work in about an hour.

    I'm unsure now if I should give him his .5 U this morning or just wait and test him when I get home this evening and see where his numbers are since I won't be home to monitor him.

    His water intake is no longer crazy and his urine output is more towards the normal range. Before insulin he was running to the faucet any time you walked near it. He was also flooding the litter box.

    Any suggestions???

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    Aug 17, 2016
    Hurray for you for getting that insulin dose down! It's actually possible to give Lantus on lower pre shot numbers because of its slow, gentle onset. However, it's best to do this with guidance. The best place to get Lantus help is on the Lantus forum. There are many very knowledgeable folks there who can guide you so I recommend that you go introduce yourself there and put your same post on a thread there. :)

    Very cute boy you have!
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    Feb 13, 2018
    Thank you : )
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