Purple to Green and back again. Which is best?

Discussion in 'Feline Health - (The Main Forum)' started by sofapup, Nov 8, 2017.

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  1. sofapup

    sofapup Member

    Sep 17, 2015
    My boy Levon is being contrary again. On .5 units x 2 per day he's been testing purple. On 1 x 2 per day he goes to green. My vet is concerned because he has gone pretty low, and has been in remission before. However, I worry about being too high. These tests are several weeks apart so I doubt it's rebound, but... what then?

    (Waiting on fructosamine results)

    Julia aka sofapup
  2. Tanya and Ducia

    Tanya and Ducia Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2017
    Hello Julia, welcome,

    as a shelter worker you must know that the tests you are taking are insufficient to establish a proper dose for Levon.

    what kind of insulin is he on?
    what does he eats and how often do you feed?

    most vets think below 200 in a human meter is "too low", ha-ha, we love our cats too much to listen to that rubbish, don't we?
  3. FurBabiesMama

    FurBabiesMama Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2017
    Sorry, not enough data to really see what is going on.
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