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    Jul 21, 2017
    Hi All! Our new vet is coming out for her second visit on Thursday. I have been home testing and keeping Emily's numbers on a spreadsheet for quite a while now. To my uneducated eye, there is no pattern emerging. I can no more access Emily's insulin needs now, then I could a month ago. What I do know is that our little 6.9 lb girl is probably now down to 6 lbs or less, and is eating ravenously. What I also know is that about 2.5 weeks after her diagnosis back in June, her all day glucose curve at another vet, using a Pet Meter and giving her .5 unit Lantus 2x per day looked like this: 9:00 am 253, 11:00 104, 1:00 p.m. 60, 3:15 85, 5:00 p.m. 124. Having gained some knowledge since that test (when we were told her mid-cycle number went too low and we were advised to take her off the insulin) this looks to me like a pretty darn good curve. During that 2.5 week time that we were giving Emily the .5 units per day, almost immediately she returned to her normal energy level. Her fur looked amazing. Her eating/peeing/drinking returned to normal. Since then, and because of the advise of that vet, she has been off insulin/on insulin/and ultimately her units lowered to .25 2x per day, and she is slowly declining ... in weight, her appetite is not normal, her fur looks and feels horrible, and although she is not flooding the box, she is peeing more than she should be. I am not certain this new vet has any more feline diabetes knowledge than our old vet, but I do like her personality better and the fact that she comes to the house, eliminates a lot of the stress for Emily. Does anyone have any thoughts on Emily's spreadsheet numbers? Have I given this enough time, and is it time to go back to the .5 units 2x per day? Emily's food has changed since then ... at that time she was getting Purina DM dry along with low-carb wet. Now she is completely on low-carb wet...no dry at all since mid-August. I would like to have some of my own ideas on how to proceed with Emily when the vet comes on Thursday, so I can run them by her and get her opinion. As a side note, we may be dealing with some dental issues which will absolutely be addressed on Thursday, so I do not plan on making any changes prior to that being investigated. Thanks for your thoughts and help! Feeling incredibly frustrated as we watch Emily struggle and waste away. I am not sure how much more weight this little girl can lose, and successfully come back from.
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    Aug 17, 2016
    Here's what I see/think:
    • the 0.25 u dose has given you dark greens quite a few times
    • she's a bouncy kitty - obvious, I know
    • she hasn't had a dark green in a week and a half at this dose so the previous ones are now history
    • she might have some degree of glucose toxicity built up because of the higher numbers over the last week +
    • more mid cycle data is needed to figure things out
    • she might need a tiny boost in dose now - something like 0.5 u with a drop let out (it's a trial and error process)
    • for future reference and when you have more experience, it's possible to shoot on a PS just above 90 using the SLGS method (monitoring required of course).
    I hope this helps. Only my two cents ... :)
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    Jul 21, 2017
    Thanks, Kris. I appreciate the detailed, thoughtful response. The last week we were on vacation, and had a pet sitter giving Emily her insulin. While I think our dose of .25 is fairly consistent, it is possible hers were not, so perhaps that is why no low numbers in the last week or so. Mid cycle is tough, as both my husband and I work full time (and I work on Saturdays), and have varying schedules. When I am home, I try and get some mid-day numbers, but it is not always possible. I am becoming more convinced that Emily has some dental issues. Even the pet sitter noticed she chews "funny", turning her head to one side and chewing on one side. I have noticed the same. Vet is coming on Thursday. I am going to hold steady with dosing and will ask the vet to do a thorough dental exam. Hoping that might be the solution to these inconsistent numbers! :)
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