Tigz still OTJ (almost 1 yr)!

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    Apr 14, 2015
    Hi all,
    It's been quite a while since I've posted. Just checking in with everyone and following-up on my Tiggy (a.k.a Tigz), and his civvie bro, Boo.....It's been almost 1 year since Tigz has been OTJ! Yippee!! I check his blood glucose once a week. His BG has been running between 52-74, and no ketones either.....I haven't uploaded his 2016 SS yet, but I still track his BG, weight and ketones..... Tigz is as active and chatty as ever! He loves, loves, loves his low-carb/no-carb treats too! He has a habit of jumping up onto his special BG testing stool after he eats. And, regardless of whether he gets his BG checked, he "chatters" & "chirps", until I give him a "treat"..He loves to play with his toys too! You'd never know he's a 16 year old kitty!!
    Tigz has a civvie brother, Boo. As for Boo, he has CKD, and is not doing as well as Tiggy. Boo's appetite has decreased, so the vet prescribed an appetite stimulant, which helps a bit. Tigz seems to be aware that Boo is declining. Both cats have been cuddling with each other more, grooming each other more, and sleeping in the same kitty bed... They have always groomed each other, but have not slept in the same bed, until recently. Boo is also having an issue with spitting / throwing up, so the vet also prescribed some Pepcid. Boo has been peeing all over (outside the litter box) and having more diarrhea. Thus, I have a ton of "wee wee" pads placed all over the floor.......
    This has been a very difficult time. It has been filled with great, great happiness (for Tiggy), being OTJ for almost 1 year, and his continued success over his diabetes, in conjunction with great sadness (for Boo), with his inevitable decline due to his CKD....With the chronic kidney disease, it is challenging to figure out the right time for Boo to be put down. Tiggy & Boo are the same age, as they were litter mates.
    I certainly don't want Boo to suffer. I anguish over how best to manage his illness and his dietary requirements, along with Tiggy's dietary restrictions.....However, Boo is still able to experience some level of happiness/joy in his life... (i.e. Stretching out / snoozing in sunny spots on the carpet; patting my hand (with his paw)...to indicate he still does want "treats" (when Tiggy gets "treats"); & "kneeding" me as he cuddles on the couch....
    Although Boo's hindquarters are boney, he still looks "fluffy" in his front area, and otherwise somewhat healthy, considering he has CKD. He has good days and bad (where he hibernates in his kitty bed...and refuses to get up), and other days where he's up and about.....At one time Boo weighed 25lbs, but, as his appetite has slowly declined, his weight has gone down to 18.5 lbs. I think that Tiggy has a sense that Boo is declining too. Boo is such a lovey, sweet baby and he makes it a habit of nuzzling my hand/arm, when I break down and cry over all of this. I did speak to the vet about my concern regarding how Boo's death may affect Tigz and his diabetes. The vet feels that as Tigz is OTJ, although he may experience some depression (from losing Boo), it shouldn't affect his BG.
    So, I am sharing both my happiness (for Tiggy), as well as my sadness (for Boo)...Best regards to all
    Tigz (and Boo's) mom
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    Aug 16, 2015
    So happy for Tigz, and sad for Boo. Many people here have kitty's with CKD. Maybe someone would have some suggestions to help you with Boos treatment. You can post on health with any questions.
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    Oct 6, 2010
    Have you checked Tanya's Feline CRF web site?
  4. TigzMom

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    Apr 14, 2015
    Thanks all. And, yes, Tanya's Feline CKD site was the first place I visited after Boo's dx. I've discussed the info from this site with my vets...they haven't offered much in the way of being willing to prescribe any of the products for Boo that are discussed on the site (i.e. binding agents). I'm assuming this is due to limited experience with using these..(I've also tried to discuss with other vets in the area too, and they all agree with my vet regarding CKD feline mgmt)...The only thing my vet focuses on is sub-Q infusions (which Boo no longer will tolerate), and diet changes (which I've already done)...
    He's recently had more labs done on Boo. The vet said that Boo is at the point where nothing else can be done for Boo, so I should just let him eat whatever he will eat (in the hope that this helps with his appetite issues), and to focus on keeping him comfortable.
    Thanks again

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