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    Mar 5, 2010
    Hi, everyone****** I am back with one of our outdoor kitties, Shadow who was diagnosed on 2/20/2016 after I kept him in and saw a lot of peeing, drinking and a bit of a weight loss. His bg at the vet was 460. He was started on Clavamox to fend off a brewing UTI and I was able to order PZI beef from BCP Pharm, which is what I finally used with both Asia and Velvet. I just tested Shadow, who seems to be around 6 years old and with great labs otherwise and he came in at 239, using my husband's Freestyle Lite. He has been on a controlled diet of Fancy Feast Classic beef, chicken baby food and chopped up cooked green beans for bulk since Saturday. His insulin will arrive tomorrow as will his ketostix. Although the 239 is no guarantee that he isn't throwing ketones, I am hoping he will be ok until I start his insulin tomorrow. I will start at 1 unit of PZI beef U100 twice a day and see how that works. I was considering Lantus until I called around for pricing and since I am familiar with PZI, it's a place to start. Shadow seems to be VERY laid back, he showed up at our door about 9 months ago and has been a regular at colony feeding time since. I was able to test him while he munched on some tuna so I think food distraction will be a plus. Thanks for all your good luck wishes and I wish the same for all who have a need to come here. I started here with Asia in 2000, Velvet added in 2001. I guess that makes us OLD!!! ;)
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    Feb 18, 2015
    Welcome back Diane! How wonderful that you took Shadow in and are going to treat him! He's one very lucky kitty to arrived at your doorstep! Welcome to you too Shadow!:)

    You already know the ropes to this dance but we won't call you old! How about experienced? If you have any general questions you can post here on the Health Forum which gets a lot more traffic. And of course, for more specific insulin related help, there is the ProZinc/PZI forum where you will find other folks using the same/similar insulin.

    Thank you for all your good wishes and I wish you much success getting Shadow on the road to regulation or better (antijinx)! I'll see you around the board!:D

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