? Yum's unfortunate boarding experience: spikes in the 700's, now flat in 390's

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  1. MJW

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    Mar 29, 2017

    Well, Yum's numbers spiked into the 700's last week when she was boarded at the vet. They decided to give her the antibiotic Orbax on top of her Convenia shot, after a urinalysis suggested she still "might" have an infection.
    I had them increase her dose mid week, based on the AMPS and AMPS+5 they were giving me. That might have been a big mistake.

    They think she might have spiked into the 700's due to stress, especially since she was lower over the weekend when the clinic was quieter. I don't know. I think probably she was going low at night and bouncing, due to too high a dose.

    I picked her up yesterday morning and skipped her AM shot. She dropped steadily during the day from 660 to 398. I dropped her to a 1 unit dose for her PM shot and this morning's shot. She gave me a 399 at PMPS+3.5 and a 395 at AMPS. High and flat but way better than 700's.

    Any advice?

    She had liquid poo overnight---some in the litter box, a lot on her bedding and the carpet. I thin k it must be due to 5 days of liquid orbax. They suggested I bring her in for a 3rd or 4th urinalysis before stopping it, but she has had enough of the vet for a while. She was SO HAPPY and excited when I brought her home yesterday. Inside. Outside. Upstairs. Downstairs. Meow. Meow. Meow. PURR. PURR.

    I want to visit family again at Christmas. I could try to take her with me, but that might be more stressful on her than being boarded. The unfortunate timing of the pretrip UTI really complicated everything.

    It is tough to know how to dose during an infection. Keep the old dose and wait for the infection to pass? Or be ready to respond quickly when it does pass?
  2. DebG

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    Mar 30, 2016
    So sorry to hear about the boarding situation. Nice to know she is back home and happy. Flat cycles can lead to an active one.
    Fritz my kitty has taken Orbax with no effect in his BG#'s. ECID Having said that I really liked the Orbax no side effects at all for Fritz. In fact he loved the taste and would lick it right off the plate.
    If it were my kitty I would adjust the insulin as needed while treating the infection. As long as you are vigilant with testing.
    To help with UTI you can add water to the food, you probably do that.
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  3. Marje and Gracie

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    May 30, 2010
    I’m sorry Yum had such a hard time at the vet. I’m glad she’s back home and happy.

    I think dropping to 1u was too much considering that she was not responding to 1.5u before you left. IMHO, I think when they have an infection, if the numbers are going up, increase the dose per the protocol because you don’t want to risk DKA. Then you can reduce, as needed, when/if numbers come down.

    It’s hard to say but with her spiking into those really high numbers, it could have been stress or too high of a dose. Or a combo but my bet goes on too high of a dose.

    If she were mine, I’d at least take her back up to 1.25u with the next shot and if you don’t see some response in four or so cycles, I’d take her back up to 1.5u. If she still has an infection, you don’t want her to be at high numbers long.

    BTW, Convenia is not a good choice for UTIs. I don’t allow it to be given to my cats at all because once in, you can’t get it back out. A vet gave it to Gracie once without my knowledge or approval and she went into anaphylactic shock after we left the clinic. Thankfully, I got her revived and we weren’t far away so I ran her back there. That is not a common occurrence but it’s enough of a risk....and then there was no way to reverse the antibiotic so I just had to watch her like a hawk for three weeks for no residual effects. The Orbax is a better choice for UTIs but it needs to be given a time least ten days.

    Any time my cats get an a/b, I increase their daily probiotic from 15b CFU to 50b CFU.

    Can you get a vet tech petsitter to come in and stay at your home while you are gone at Christmas? You could have her shoot a reduced dose to keep Yum safe.

    I hope this info helps. :bighug::bighug:
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  4. Squalliesmom

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    Jun 26, 2015
    I don't know why vets keep giving Convenia for UTIs, it is the wrong type of AB for UTIs and WILL NOT treat them. It is designed to treat skin conditions in dogs. I am with Marje @Marje and Gracie, I do not allow any of my cats to be given Convenia.
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  5. MJW

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    Mar 29, 2017
    Yum is an ex-feral, so no one but me can touch her unless she is confined to a cage or maybe a bathroom.

    I'll take her back up to 1.25u tonight. Thanks for permission to only hold it for 4 shots if she doesn't come down.

    She had convenia for a UTI last spring with no ill effects---but, as with this time, it didn't seem to cure the infection.
    I gave her the Orbax last night a few hours after dinner. She has aluminum hydroxide in her food and I read that might interfere with the antibiotic.
    I will mix it with her food tonight. Better for it to be slightly neutralized than for her to have severe diarrhea.

    Thanks for all the advice!
  6. Marje and Gracie

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    May 30, 2010
    Aww, my dear. You don’t need any permission at all. Just giving you suggestions but you hold the syringe.

    I have found that when my cats need antibiotics, they do best if I give the antibiotic immediately after they’ve eaten and I make sure their tummies don’t get empty. I don’t increase their food but I give them smaller amounts more often just so they have something in their tummy.
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