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    It’s time to start thinking about doing a 2020 SS for your kitty. We ask that a new SS tab be started each year otherwise the SS can get very, very long and take a long time to scroll to the bottom. Since we have so many members to help with suggestions, it’s very helpful for us helping to be able to get to your data quickly.

    If you do not know how to create a new tab for the 2020 SS, you can either contact me via PM and I’ll do it for you or, if you are confident in your computer skills, here’s how to do it if you are using either US Spreadsheet (human or pet meter):

    1. Open the SS.
    2. At the bottom, you’ll see a tab entitled “Template”. Left click on the dropdown arrow next to it and select “duplicate”. It will make a new SS with the tab entitled “Copy of Template”.
    3. Left click on the dropdown arrow on the new tab, select “Rename”, and type in 2020.
    4. On January 1, 2020, left click on the new 2020 tab (not the arrow), and drag it all the way to the left so it is in first position (which means that will be the SS that opens when someone access it from within FDMB.

    If you have been around a while and your SS does not have a “Template” tab, please PM me (it’s probably time you upgraded to the new SS which has a “Template” tab and then we can link the old SS; I’m happy to do this for you, if you like).

    Please send me a PM if you have any problems.

    If you are using either World SS (human or pet meter), please contact me via PM and I’ll do it for you as it’s faster for me to do it than it is to put the detailed directions here (and they are long and detailed). In addition, if you have a World SS which has tabs for a World and US template, absolutely please PM me as the templates have a glitch in them and I’ll need to fix it for you or we can’t add new tabs.

    I am more than happy to add templates, do new SSs, etc. for anyone at all but please ask ASAP so I don’t have 100 requests on New Year’s Eve :woot::woot:
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