7/31 Teal'c Amps 81 straight line curve last night

Discussion in 'Lantus / Basaglar (glargine) and Levemir (detemir)' started by Patty & Teal'c, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Patty & Teal'c

    Patty & Teal'c Member

    Nov 8, 2019

    Nice curve if you can call it a curve. Looked more like a straight line down. Green this morning. Fed and dosed as normal.

    Hope everyone has a good day and all kitties surf safe Stay safe.
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  2. SingsToCats

    SingsToCats Member

    Feb 22, 2020
    Wow, that is amazing. It's too bad you had to skip the PMPS, but what a great day.
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  3. Patty & Teal'c

    Patty & Teal'c Member

    Nov 8, 2019
    Yes it was. Also amazingly nerve wracking lol. Knew I had to sleep so took him and his food to bed with me.

    Since husband won't test and just doesn't get it. I felt safer skipping and facing the numbers tomorrow.

    Figured out he knows the difference between a pouch of pate and a can of food with gravy lol. I opened the can, his eyes lit up he started pacing meowing loudly. I placed 2 tablespoons in a small bowl and when I placed it on the floor he ran for it. Reminded me of a kid in a candy store lol.
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