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    Jan 14, 2015
    Anyone else had a cat with adrenal Cushing's rather than the more common (though still fairly rare) pituitary-based form?

    Roxi has an adrenal mass. She's seen an IM specialist who confirms she's definitely Cushing's from her symptoms. The mass is due to be removed on Monday as he is convinced from the symptoms and ultrasound that it's malignant (50% of these particular tumors are malignant). We can't wait as there's a risk of it spreading into the vena cava. And medication doesn't work for adrenal-based Cushing's in cats.

    The concern with this is that we can't gain any sort of symptom control ahead of surgery - leaving her going in for a major surgery with extremely fragile skin. The IM has done some similar surgeries before and has had good results with healing, but I wondered if anyone else has had a similar situation...and if so, was there anything specific you did to help the healing process along? She's already wearing onesies for general skin fragility, so those are definitely doable for her.

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